Chorizo de Teror, the most famous sausage in the Canary Islands

There are many regions in Spain with a long tradition in the elaboration and production of sausages and cured meats. But among them, we must highlight those produced in the municipality of Teror in Gran Canaria, where their chorizos and black puddings are unique products in the world. It is in this municipality where the famous chorizo de Teror, a typical product and an emblem of the Canary Islands, is produced.

Chorizo from Teror

Chorizo de Teror is a soft and easy to spread sausage, made with the juiciest parts of the pig. Generally, it has an orange or red color because the recipe includes paprika. This sausage travels halfway around the world with tourists and all those Canary Islanders who live abroad, but want to take a little piece of the flavor of their islands with them.

History of the chorizo of Teror

The production of chorizo de Teror dates back to the late thirties, when cold storage measures were quite limited and it was necessary to take advantage of the surplus in the butcher's shops. The recipe for this tasty food has been passed down from generation to generation, and has been preserved without variations except for the machinery used today.

Chorizo terorero

The chorizo produced in Teror is one of the emblems of food quality in the Archipelago. One of the traditional families in the elaboration of this product is that of Blas José Sánchez Domínguez, who founded "Chorizo Terorero" at the end of the eighties.

Another of the traditional families in the elaboration of this product is the Nues family, owners of Fábrica Los Nueces and pioneers in the commercialization of this product. It was José Manuel Nuez who founded in the middle of the last century several butcher's shops in the Villa Mariana de Teror, where he began to commercialize it as we know it today, although it is no longer stuffed in the animal's intestine, but in synthetic skins.

Chorizo from Teror Los Nueces

Gran Canaria is the main consumer of this chorizo, but it is currently sold both regionally, nationally and internationally, with a weekly production of 3,000 to 3,500 kilos.

How the most famous sausage is made

The base of the chorizo de Teror is: paprika, salt, white wine, spices, garlic, pork bacon and lean meat, for the colorado. The white chorizo has practically the same ingredients, except for the paprika and, in addition, nutmeg. It should be noted that each of the producers have managed, without losing the essence, to give their chorizos their own identity and that it is possible to appreciate different nuances among them.

Chorizo of Teror spread

Using the chorizo from Teror as an ingredient you can elaborate delicious recipes, from omelettes, to eggs, montaditos or casseroles. Here are the steps to prepare a tasty omelette with chorizo de Teror.


4 eggs, Teror chorizo sausage, salt, extra virgin olive oil, 3 cherry tomatoes, arugula and canned tuna.


First, beat the eggs and add salt. Then, in a frying pan with oil, cook the eggs on one side only for about 3 minutes over medium heat and serve without turning them over. Next, cut the tomatoes in half and add them to the omelette along with the arugula and diced tuna and finish cooking on the other side.

Teror chorizo omelette

Once ready, remove from the pan and plate. To finish, add diced Teror chorizo sausage all over the surface and that's it! Now you can enjoy this delicious tortilla with Canarian flavor at home.

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