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What to see in Tenerife in 4 days?

If you are looking for a digital guide to help you make the most of your trip to Tenerife, our guide is created for you to know everything you need to see and more on your visit. What to see in Tenerife in 4 days is created for you to know everything you need to know and more on your visit.

What will you find in this guide?

Written by a Tenerife native who knows the most hidden corners of the island, the guide What to see in Tenerife in 4 days is organized by days. 4 days in which you will travel around the island discovering the most incredible places and enjoying the best gastronomic and leisure offer.

Day 1

A beautiful day to mix tradition and modernity in equal parts, stunning natural landscapes and unique beach areas.

Day 2

Nature and wild beaches, culture, typical Canarian gastronomy in charming places you won't want to miss and many trails to choose from.

Day 3

The north of the island in all its immensity, traditional products, modern gastronomy (Canarian and fusion), and always with the sound of the sea in the background.

Day 4

The south of Tenerife, with endless beaches of golden sand or hidden coves, leisure activities and a long gastronomic offer in front of the sea in beautiful towns.

The perfect guide to carry on your mobile

The guide What to see in Tenerife in 4 days is designed to be carried comfortably on your mobile throughout the island and can be consulted at all times. It is very easy to read from any device, for its font size and adaptability to different screens.

It is written by a Tenerife native, Paula Vera, for anyone who travels to Tenerife and wants to make the most of the trip. With this guide you will have the necessary guidelines to not miss anything, especially if you have little time.

In addition, with the collaboration of @thefoodtagram, we will recommend places where you can enjoy a good meal and, of course, we will give you tips to make your visit to Tenerife even more complete.

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Tenerife's must-sees

Tenerife offers not only sun, but a thousand and one experiences: we wanted to organize a visit in four days, told in an original and very entertaining way in this guide, so you can discover all the essentials of this beautiful island and make the most of your time.


Discover the traditional Canarian gastronomy, in typical or avant-garde fusion restaurants, guachinches or internationally awarded restaurants.


Viewpoints, hiking trails that take you to the wildest, protected areas, endemic species, hidden coves and spectacular cliffs next to golden sandy beaches.


Beaches, beach clubs, bars and cocktail bars, sea sports, shopping, museums and streets to stroll or enjoy from a terrace.


Craft shops, traditional sweets, villages with a lot of history and artistic monuments and, of course, a lot of gastronomic products to take back home.

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