Huevos mole, a representative dessert of Tenerife

Mole eggs are a very old dish whose elaboration formula, with more or less variations, appears in many recipe books from different countries and times. Nowadays, it is one of the most representative desserts of Tenerife's confectionery.

Mole eggs recipe

The constant presence of yolks in Canarian desserts has its main motivation, as in other wine-producing regions, in the use of egg whites as an element of wine clarification, leaving the yolks as a by-product that was normally destined for confectionery.

History of this delicious dessert

Mole eggs are another reflection of the Portuguese influence in the cuisine of the Islands, as this dessert is also made in Portugal. In addition, egg-based desserts are very common in this country, in particular, there is a sweet called "ovos mole", typical of the town of Aveiro.

The preparation of mole eggs is also very common in some Latin American countries, such as Cuba. In Latin America, due to its use in convents, the dish was popularized as a dessert from the Spanish colonial period.

Mole eggs recipe

On the other hand, with the same ingredients of the typical Andalusian recipe, "huevos chimbos" or "quimbos " are known in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. The typical Canarian recipe was transmitted to Argentina and Venezuela.

How to prepare mole eggs

There are different recipes and variants as we have already mentioned, although the ingredients are usually the same. The trick for this dessert to be perfect is to beat the syrup well and in the way of beating so that the yolks grow and do not fall.  

Mole eggs recipe


Half a kilo of sugar; 20 egg yolks; 100 centiliters of water; cinnamon stick; the peel of a lemon; gofio.


We start by making a syrup with the water, sugar, cinnamon and lemon; on the other hand, we beat the egg yolks well.

Once the syrup is ready, let it cool and then add the previously beaten egg yolks, stirring well to integrate and bind all the ingredients. The syrup can also be added, as a fine thread, to the beaten yolks. In both cases, the important thing is to mix well.

Mole eggs recipe

Once ready, it should be cooked in a bain-marie until it boils. Once ready, we put it in some glasses quickly to cool and sprinkle gofio on top and ready! Now you can enjoy this delicious Canarian dessert.

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