The best recipe for tuna in Canarian mojo sauce

Tuna are one of the most widely consumed fish families in the Canary Islands. They are caught in the archipelago's own waters and there are several migratory species that cross these waters, including the prized "barrilote" or "white tuna" and the "yelowfin tuna" or "yellowfin tuna". In this article we show you how to prepare a delicious tuna in mojo canario, delicious!

Tuna in Canarian mojo

There are not too many ways of cooking this fish in the traditional Canarian recipe book. However, one of the most excellent and popular ways of preparing it is in marinade. Marinated products are well represented in the island's cuisine. The quality of these products is based on the excellent vinegars that can be found on the islands.

How to prepare authentic tuna in Canarian mojo sauce?

There are several ways of preparing tuna in marinade or tuna in Canarian mojo. Of course, the recipe changes according to each home and each cuisine. Here are the ingredients and how to make one of the versions of this delicious Canarian dish.

Tuna in Canarian mojo


One kilo of tuna, skinned and without the central backbone; 4 cloves of garlic; a large glass of extra virgin olive oil; half a glass of vinegar; half a glass of white wine (preferably aged); a spoonful of paprika; local pepper; oregano; thyme; bay leaf; cumin; salt.


First of all, the tuna must be bled by placing it in plenty of salted water for about ten minutes. Once bled, it is washed well to remove all salt residues and cut into slices of approximately one centimetre or into not very large pieces.

Tuna in Canarian mojo

Next, make a paste with the peeled and chopped garlic, half or one hot pepper, according to taste, and the paprika. In the same way, add a teaspoon of crushed cumin. Then add the oil and stir well, integrating all the ingredients, until a slightly liquid paste is formed.

Once ready, add the thyme, bay leaf, oregano and finally the wine and vinegar. The wine is optional, as you can also add just the whole glass of vinegar. Finally, season with salt carefully, as it is better to finish correcting the salt content on the plate.

Tuna in Canarian mojo

Once the paste is ready, place the tuna in it and leave to rest for at least 24 hours in the fridge. To prepare it,remove the pieces and fry them and then place them on a tray. Pour the rest of the marinade into the oil from the frying. Leave it to reduce a little and, passing it through a sieve, pour it as a sauce over the fish, and it is ready to enjoy!

Tuna in Canarian mojo

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