Canarian sweet blood sausage, a typical sausage of the Canary Islands

The black pudding, also called mbusia, morcillona, stuffed, moronga, prieta or relleno, is a sausage made from cooked blood, usually pork. In this article we will talk about the sweet Canary Island blood sausage prepared in the Archipelago, as it has a distinguishing feature and it is precisely the sweet touch.

Canary Island sweet blood sausage

The sweet Canarian black pudding is a typical sausage whose recipe may vary depending on the island where it is prepared, but always includes pork blood, almonds and sugar in its preparation. In addition, it also includes bacon and lean meat, as well as raisins and spices such as oregano and cinnamon. The sweet black pudding is common in all the islands, but in the municipality of Teror, in Gran Canaria, the preparation of this product is deeply rooted together with the typical chorizo de Teror.

History of the Canarian sweet black pudding

Many families in the Canary Islands, while farming, also raised a couple of pigs to be slaughtered in November in order to have meat products for the winter.

With the arrival of the slaughter, a sign that winter was approaching, sweet black puddings were made in order to take full advantage of every part of the animal. According to the traditional recipe of Teror, the blood was used and mixed with sponge bread, sweet potato, garlic, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, salt and spices. In this way, the ingredients became a delicious mixture from which this product, characterized by its softness and sweetness, is obtained.

Canary Island sweet blood sausage

Due to its sweet touch, Canarian black pudding used to be served as a dessert, but nowadays it is usually eaten with barbecues and grills.

Of course, it is a very versatile product from which a multitude of dishes can be prepared. Below, from Marca Canaria we offer the recipe of a legendary dish from the restaurant El Rincón de Juan Carlos, with a Michelin star and three Repsol suns and located on the island of Tenerife, its famous sweet Canarian black pudding nougat.

How to prepare a star dish: "Turrón de morcilla dulce canaria" (Canary Island sweet blood sausage nougat)


12 grams of chocolate for coating; 1.5 grams of cocoa butter; 20 grams of pork stock; 3 grams of soy sauce; 50 grams of sweet blood sausage; 6 grams of granulated almonds; 6 grams of raw almond paste; Japanese togarashi pepper for plating; almond praline for plating; Maldon salt for plating.


To start the recipe, heat the pork broth in a pot and add the almond paste, the well cleaned blood sausage and the soy sauce. The temperature should be exactly 75 degrees so that it does not alter the color of the blood sausage and it should be worked until it melts. Then, the mixture is passed to a mixer or a food processor, to sift the dough and remove the almond that carries the black pudding itself and so it is a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Canary Islands black pudding

Once ready, stretch the dough on a tray covered with plastic wrap and freeze at least overnight. The next day, cut the nougat into small bars and then dip them in chocolate. On the other hand, the coating should be made by melting the dark chocolate with the cocoa butter at a temperature between 40 and 45 degrees.

sweet canary black pudding

To coat the nougat, the piece should be dipped directly as if it were a bonbon. Once ready, it is finished with several flakes of Maldon salt, a dot of almond praline, a piece of gold foil and Japanese togarashi pepper. Of course, the decorations on the plate are optional. And that's it, you can now enjoy an authentic Michelin dish at home.

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