What is the recipe for real green mojo

The term mojo comes from the Portuguese word molho, which means sauce. In the Canary Islands it is one of the most classic and traditional accompaniments to many typical dishes in their gastronomy. There are two types of mojo from the Canary Islands, the green mojo and the red mo jo. Some of the most common ingredients in their preparations are palm pepper, red or green pepper, paprika, salt, garlic, coriander, cumin, vinegar, oil, parsley, tomato and saffron, although their ingredients vary.

Canary Island green mojo

The recipe for green mojo is the most used in fish dishes and is very common in many Canarian restaurants and guachinches.

The red mojo is mostly used for meat, although, like the green one, it can perfectly accompany a wide variety of dishes.

In the archipelago there are other varieties of mojo, such as mojo cheese, typical of the islands of El Hierro and La Palma and the almogrote from La Gomera, in whose composition cheeses are mixed with mojo.

However, there is no single common recipe for mojos, each Canarian family being a true independent school in the making of this versatile sauce, with ingredients and quantities that differ from one another and that give it different tones and textures.

Mojo, together with potatoes and gofio, is one of the most characteristic elements of Canarian gastronomy. Below we show you a quite popular way of preparing the green monkey, although, as we have already indicated, it is by no means the only one.

Green mojo recipe from the Canary Islands

Ingredients of the Canary Island green mojo

Also called Canary Islands coriander mojo recipe, the green mojo recipe is not as well known in the peninsula as the red mojo or picón recipe may be. However, its taste is equally delicious and versatile, adding a wonderful plus of flavour to many meat, fish, potato, pasta, rice, gnocchi, Canary Island banana chips, creams or vegetable purees, etc.

The preparation of the green mojo is very simple and fast. If you are a friend of cheerful flavors you can use green chili or hot pepper in the amount you consider appropriate for your taste for spice.

Like so many Canary Island gastronomic recipes, the ingredients of mojo verde can vary according to the island and the home where it is made, with the possibility of adding elements such as breadcrumbs, green peppers and even potatoes.

Preparing the green mojo

The green mojo recipe we present to you is what you might call standard. These are the ingredients you'll need:

  • -Fresh coriander: a bundle.
  • -Garlic: 5 cloves.
  • -Green chillies: 2.
  • -Cumin seeds: one teaspoon.
  • -Vinegar: 50 ml. You can use natural lemon or lime juice instead, if you like it better.
  • -Thick salt: a small spoonful.
  • -Extra virgin olive oil: 250 ml.

The recipe for mojo verde in Marca Canaria

How to make green mojo step by step

Preparing a recipe for Canarian green mojo is very easy and within the reach of any cook, even if you are a true neophyte in the kitchen.

In a quarter of an hour you will have this delicious sauce ready that will enrich any dish you cook. These are the steps you must follow for the result to be optimal.

Prepare the coriander and garlic

First you must wash well and chop the coriander, as well as peel and slightly crush the garlic.

Crushing phase

Crush the garlic with the cumin, salt and vinegar until a homogeneous paste is formed. This step can be done using a blender or by hand using a mortar.

Green mojo with wrinkled potatoes

Final blend

Finally, add the coriander and crush everything well adding the oil little by little without stopping crushing. Taste the sauce and if you see that it is a bit bland add more salt to taste.

And you have your wonderful green mojo recipe all ready. Remember that you must keep it cold and that, when you serve it, you can put it in a separate container so that diners can serve it to their liking.

As we have already indicated, this green mojo recipe is the standard in the Canary Islands, but not the only one. The variations are numerous. For example, you can easily replace coriander with parsley, or make a mixture with both herbs. The result is just as good.

The authentic green mojo of the Canary Islands

As the saying goes, each master has his own little book, and in the case of the Canary Island green mojo recipe the booklet becomes a real library. The ways of making this exquisite sauce are infinite, and they are part of the tradition of each family of the islands. No one is better than another, each and every one of them has the particular flavour of the tradition and the island's cuisine, but they coincide in the joy they confer on countless Canarian recipes. Without a doubt, a symbol and emblem of the Canary Islands.

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