Charco Azul and La Fajana: natural pools of La Palma

La Palma is an island that is synonymous with nature, having lush forests, water springs and natural pools that are worthy of admiration. The two best known natural pools of La Palma are Charco Azul and La Fajana, two wonders of nature that are worth visiting to enjoy their clean and crystalline waters.

Next, we will talk about the natural pool of Charco Azul and the natural pools of La Fajana, showing where they are located and what their main characteristics are.

Charco Azul, a natural pool of La Palma

Charco Azul - La Palma

Charco Azul is a natural pool on the island of La Palma that has received international awards and has become a great attraction for visitors to the island. It is a large pool that is protected from the waves and has a waterfall and quality water.

The complex around Charco Azul has been perfectly adapted to include a large number of functions and amenities (access stairs, railings, showers, solarium, changing rooms and parking) without losing integration with the natural environment.

Natural swimming pool of Charco Azul, in La Palma

Where is Charco Azul

Charco Azul is located in the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces in the northern part of the island of La Palma, an area close to the laurel forest.

La Fajana - La Palma

La Fajana is composed of three pools that are fed by salt water directly from the sea. The size of the pools is increasing, with a small pool that includes a waterfall and is usually used as a spa, a medium pool and a large pool through which sea water is constantly entering (it is common to see small fish in the pools).

The floors of the pools are rocky and the walkways between the different pools are often covered by the waves. The best time to visit these pools is in the summer, due to the favourable climate and the waves (milder than during the winter).

The complex has parking lots at the top, from which you can enjoy a view of the entire complex. Staircase accesses lead from the car park directly to the pools, where there is a rocky area with small caves where you can leave your belongings and take shelter in the shade.

Natural pool of La Fajana, in La Palma

Where is La Fajana

The natural pools of La Fajana are located on the coast of Barlovento in the northeast of the island and belong to the municipality of the same name.

If you visit the island of La Palma, you cannot miss Charco Azul in the north of the island to enjoy one of the best saltwater swimming pools in the Canary Islands. Just 10 kilometres from the natural pool of Charco Azul are the natural pools of La Fajana, so it is easy to visit both pools during the same day without having to waste time travelling.

Bathing in the Atlantic Ocean is a unique experience, but it is even more so in natural pools at the edge of the sea such as those at Charco Azul and La Fajana.


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