Canarian winter recipes

Both the Canarian gastronomy and its recipes are characterized by diversity and external influences. The Archipelago offers us raw materials and products of great quality and within the Canarian recipes the spoon dishes occupy an important place. That is why in this article we recommend 4 Canarian winter recipes that you cannot miss.

A ration of canarian watercress stew

Canarian gastronomy is made up of traditional dishes that constitute an important element of the cultural identity of the Canarian people. The fragmentation of the territory is another of the characteristics of the Canary Islands, this has meant that on each island you can find different products and, of course, different recipes.

Tasty and hearty stews are common in the Islands. Most Canarian winter recipes are spoon dishes and these dishes all have a humble origin, based on the use of the products.

4 Canarian winter recipes that you should know

Here we will talk about 4 typical Canarian winter recipes in the islands, very easy to prepare and ideal for these cold days.

Ingredients of the puchero canario

Canarian ranch, traditional and comforting

Rancho canario is a traditional, comforting and complete recipe of humble origin, like many of the Canarian stews. The basic ingredients for its preparation are: chickpeas, pork ribs, chorizo, potatoes and noodles.

The preparation of this dish was very common in times of famine. When it was cooked, a little of whatever the family had in the pantry at the time was added. The normal thing was to prepare it in large quantities, to take advantage of it and consume it during several days.

Nowadays, we can find as many recipes as people cook it and it can contain in addition to pork, beef or chicken. On the island of Gran Canaria, for example, chickpeas are replaced by beans. You can follow the recipe of this delicious dish here: Rancho canario, a traditional and comforting spoon dish.

Potaje de trigo palmero, a La Palma tradition

The potaje de trigo palmero is just one of the many stews that can be found in the Canarian recipe book, but it is also a very common dish in Spain. The variants of this stew are innumerable, only in the Canary Islands and depending on each island we can find many different recipes.

Like most of the Canarian stews, this stew arises from the need and scarcity of food, taking advantage of what was available at the time in the kitchen and using one of the most common cereals in the Canarian diet since the time of the first inhabitants of the islands: wheat.

There are different ways to prepare this delicious stew. Pork ribs are usually added, which can be salted or not, or a piece of beef to enhance the flavor, but both ingredients can also be omitted. However, what cannot be missing are vegetables. The main ingredient of this dish is cabbage, but it also has carrots and beans, as well as sweet potato and millet pineapple. You can follow the recipe of this delicious dish here: Potaje de trigo palmero, a tradition of the Isla Bonita.

Puchero canario, the authentic recipe

One of the most traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine is the puchero canario, an excellent option to eat with a spoon.

Puchero canario ready to eat

It is a dish full of flavor and color thanks to the different types ofvegetables, meats and vegetables it contains. Although it may seem otherwise, this Canarian stew is a very light recipe, so it can be eaten during autumn and winter, and also during the warm seasons. You can follow the recipe of this delicious dish here: How to prepare the authentic Canarian stew.

Watercress stew, the most classic recipe

Canarian watercress stew occupies a very special place in the varied Canarian gastronomy. Quite unknown in the Iberian Peninsula, it is a traditional recipe in the archipelago very restorative and comforting, as is the case with most of the islanders' spoon dishes.

It is a vegetable stew whose recipe is different on each island (and most probably in each home). The recipe ofwatercress stew that we are going to show you will serve you as a base to adapt it to your personal taste and add or remove the ingredients that do not convince you at all. You can follow the recipe of this delicious dish here: Prepare an authentic Canarian watercress stew.

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