Rancho canario, a traditional and comforting spoon dish

Both Canarian gastronomy and its recipes are characterised by diversity and external influences, and the fact is that the archipelago offers us, as well as a privileged environment, high quality raw materials and products. This has allowed the preparation of dishes with a lot of flavour, such as the Canarian rancho.

The gastronomy of the Islands is made up of traditional dishes that constitute an important element of the cultural identity of the Canarian people. The fragmentation of the territory is another of the characteristics of the Canary Islands, which has meant that on each island you can find different products and, of course, different recipes.

Canarian ranch already cooked

Within the Canarian recipe book, spoon dishes, such as stews, soups and stews, occupy an important place. Tasty and hearty stews are common in the Islands and one of them is the Canarian rancho.

Rancho canario is a traditional, comforting and complete recipe of humble origins, like many of the Canarian stews. The basic ingredients for its preparation are: chickpeas, pork ribs, chorizo, potatoes and noodles.

Rancho canario ready to eat

The preparation of this dish was very common in times of famine. When it was cooked, a little of whatever the family had in the larder at the time was added, which is why the recipe varies so much. In addition, the fact that different foods were brought together is what gives the dish its name. It was usually prepared in large quantities, so that it could be used and consumed over several days.

Nowadays, we can find as many recipes as people cook it and it can contain pork, veal or chicken as well as pork. On the island of Gran Canaria, for example, chickpeas are replaced by beans.

This dish, halfway between a soup and a stew, is a delight for the palate because of the nuances that are discovered in each spoonful. If prepared overnight, its flavours intensify and its texture thickens.

How to make a real Canarian rancho


2.5 litres of water; 500 grams of potatoes; 100 grams of soaked chickpeas; pumpkin, about 100 grams; 100 grams of salted ribs (previously desalted); 500 grams of beef for stew; 4 slices of chorizo for cooking; 50 grams of thick noodles; 1 onion; half a green pepper; 1 bay leaf; mashed garlic, parsley and a few strands of saffron (quantities to taste); salt to taste.


First, put a pot of water on the heat. Next, add the meat cut into small pieces, together with the bay leaf, the chorizo and the chickpeas. Next, add the onion, pepper and pumpkin cut into thin squares. Once the above steps have been carried out, leave everything to cook for an hour and a half over a medium heat.

preparing a canarian rancho in a cauldron

After this time, the meat will be tender. Then add the majado and the diced potatoes for another 30 minutes, adjusting the water and salt and, when they are ready, add the noodles and leave everything on the heat for another 5 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, remove from the heat and leave to rest for 15 minutes and eat.

If you are interested in Canarian recipes and, above all, in stews, soups and stews, we leave you here several articles, including recipes, so that you can continue eating Canarian cuisine from home or anywhere: puchero canario, a nutritious dish to prepare in winter; prepare an authentic Canarian watercress stew.

Paula Vera

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