What to see in El Hierro: a route for the weekend

The Canary Islands offer visitors a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to sightseeing and spending leisure time in their different climates and environments. The island of El Hierro offers a different experience to the rest of the islands of the archipelago, more focused on tranquillity, exploration and disconnection from everyday life. Below we will discuss what to see on El Hierro and offer a route for a weekend getaway to El Hierro.

What to see in El Hierro, in a weekend, in Marca Canaria

What to see in El Hierro: follow this route

El Hierro is a small volcanic island in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is noted for its volcanic landscapes, small fishing villages and natural pools. Unlike most islands, tourism does not flock to El Hierro, making it an ideal place for a relaxing getaway in search of peace and quiet.

Lua Hotel Boutique, in El Hierro

Where to stay on El Hierro

The first thing to bear in mind when visiting El Hierro is that it has an airport, although it is necessary to go first to Tenerife or Gran Canaria (Tenerife has a greater number of daily flights), and inter-island tickets are quite cheap.

There are no large hotels or tourist complexes on El Hierro, but there is a wide range of flats and rural houses where you can stay in different parts of the island, such as in the capital Valverde or in La Restinga. Among the hotels, there is no doubt that the Hotel Puntagrandewith only four rooms, and the Lua Boutique Hotel (in the photo above) are two highly recommended places.

Charco azul, on the island of El Hierro

4 places you must visit in El Hierro

There are many places worth visiting on El Hierro, as it is a small island, but with much to discover. You will need to hire a car to take this route around four unforgettable places on El Hierro, as it is the best way to get around the island and make the most of your time.

  • Charco Azul. The first thing we propose is to go to the north of the island to take a dip in Charco Azul, in a volcanic environment with clean turquoise waters. The access is adapted so that you can reach the place without difficulty and enjoy this natural pool (known locally in the Canary Islands as "charcos"). Very close to this place is the Charco de los Sargos, another incredible spot where you can enjoy the Atlantic water that fills this natural pool.

Mirador de la Peña viewpoint, by César Manrique, on the island of El Hierro

  • La Peña viewpoint. Also in the north of the island is the La Peña viewpoint, one of the must-see spots on El Hierro, the brainchild of Canarian architect César Manrique. It is an ideal place to stop and enjoy the views of the north coast of the island from the heights.

Charco and Tacorón Beach

  • Tacorón Beach. In the south of the island, near La Restinga, there is a unique beach that will not leave anyone indifferent. Playa de Tacorón is a small cove of reddish sand located in a volcanic environment of cliffs and rocks. It is a unique and different place where the contrast of colours is worth admiring.

La Restinga, El Hierro

  • La Restinga. The fishing village of La Restinga is an ideal place to spend a few days in peace and quiet. The seabed of El Hierro is spectacular, so many people come to La Restinga to dive and enjoy it. 

With the route we have proposed you can spend an unforgettable weekend in El Hierro, disconnecting from the usual routines in a unique place where tranquillity and nature are the protagonists.

Photos: holaislascanarias.com.


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