The best natural pools in the Canary Islands

The very concept of a natural swimming pool could sound like a contradiction. The idea of these constructions, which we assume to be created by human beings, appears in our minds drawn as a place characterized by chlorine, non-slip floors and blue and white tiles. However, sometimes nature itself together with the soils, the wind and the action of the sea get creative and sketch wonderful saltwater ponds on the shore of the ocean itself. In this article we will talk about the best natural pools in the Canary Islands.

What is a natural pool

Natural pools are apparently watertight cavities that, in one way or another, manage to connect with the sea without any human intervention in the process. This allows you to enjoy the ocean and its refreshing breeze, from a privileged and sheltered environment.

Natural pools in the Canary Islands are usually made of rock, although there are also sandy pools. For their formation it is necessary the existence of flat but irregular coastal land near the sea. But it is precisely the volcanic origin of the Canary Islands what makes these places exist, because the fajanas that emerged from volcanic eruptions and that form the coasts of the Archipelago have been gradually tamed by the sea. Centuries of erosion and tidal changes have been building these special pools at the foot of the Atlantic.

The best natural pools in the Canary Islands: one per island

If you still think that relaxing in a pool with a spectacular panoramic view of the sea is only for big hotels, here is a selection of the best natural pools in the Canary Islands.

El Hierro: El Charco Azul

This natural pool is possibly one of the best known in the Canary Islands. When talking about it we would not know whether to highlight the amazing turquoise hue of its waters or the extravagant forms acquired by the lava in this unspoiled corner that is well worth a visit to the island of El Hierro.

Located at the foot of a cliff in the village of El Golfo, this natural pool is covered by an imposing basaltic roof that gives it an enormous mysticism. A place of peace in the first line of the Atlantic.

La Gomera: The Hermigua swimming pool

In the north of La Gomera we find the pool of Hermigua, an imposing natural pool with four large columns. Bathing next to impressive columns is not only possible in Hermigua. The four columns of about thirty meters of the old davit, built in the early twentieth century to export bananas and tomatoes, force you to fix your eyes while enjoying the salt water in a large pool protected from the force of the Atlantic.

La Palma: La Fajana

There are many natural swimming pools of great beauty and with services in the Canary Islands, but there are few that allow you to jump into one, another and a third in seconds. One of the best facilities of this type is in Barlovento, in the northeast of La Palma, and is called La Fajana. The walkways that surround this well-kept complex of three pools protected from the waves offer mobility to enjoy a swim in crystal-clear, calm waters.

Tenerife: El Caletón de Garachico

Next to a 16th century castle and a rock, reminiscent of the eruption of the Trevejo volcano that devastated the town and especially the port of Garachico in 1706, is El Caletón, in the northern part of Tenerife.

Here the lava flows into an Atlantic Ocean slightly tamed by the rocky inlets and leaves several natural pools. From them you can see the imposing cliffs of La Culata and the historic center of Garachico, one of the most charming villages of the island.

Gran Canaria: Las Salinas de Agaete

These three pools located in the north of Gran Canaria seem to simulate a kind of fortress with its corresponding battlements that protect bathers from the waves. Of course, being connected by volcanic tubes, the water is renewed with the tides, ensuring its purity and also a cool temperature. If we want to enjoy a unique experience, nothing like extending the bath and watch the sunset from its waters.

Fuerteventura: Aguas Verdes

Fuerteventura is synonymous with endless beaches of fine blond sand. However, its west coast, with rougher waves, hides treasures of unmissable visit if you are looking for contrast. Aguas Verdes, in Betancuria, is one of them and perfectly summarizes the wide range of unspoiled natural pools in the Canary Islands. About six kilometers are dotted with pools and sea inlets worthy of a visit if the priority is relaxation and isolation without human traces.

Lanzarote: Pools of Punta Mujeres

Two kilometers with several natural pools, two of them well protected from the open sea, make Punta Mujeres, in the northeast of Lanzarote, in reference to the pool on the island. In a fishing village of white houses that preserves its traditional air, visitors and residents of all ages experience in these waters the multiple sensations of the ideal combination of sun, lava and pleasant ocean. The hand of man is only reflected in some stairs and sunbathing areas. The rest, pure nature seasoned with salt. 

If you want to know more spectacular places of the Canary Islands we leave you below the link to our section Explore the Canary Islands in Marca Canaria.

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