Autumn in the Canary Islands, seasonal vegetables

Among the benefits that the different seasons bring us, is the diversity of seasonal vegetables and fruits that we can consume for long months with great satisfaction. During the time of autumn in the Canary Islands, as well as in other seasons, we can enjoy the consumption of products from our land.

Benefits of consuming seasonal products

There are a thousand reasons to select seasonal vegetables and fruits for your purchases. Among these reasons, the first one is that when you buy seasonal products they are at their optimum moment for consumption. This is the time when seasonal fruits and vegetables reach their best characteristics. Taste, aroma, texture and appearance change for the worse when these products are harvested green and reach maturity by artificial means.

The nutritional value is also higher in the seasonal supply. A vegetable that has been grown and seasoned in the sun, at the most appropriate temperatures according to its type, will develop a full content of macro and micronutrients. In this way, not only will you eat with more pleasure, but your diet will be healthier.

Some of the disadvantages of not consuming seasonal products

Consuming fruits outside their natural time can cause several problems, as we will see below.

The first of the disadvantages and one of the most important is the impact on the environment and the carbon footprint of the consumption of products out of season, in this case, of products corresponding to autumn in the Canary Islands.

Importing products from abroad is part of globalization. But we must stop to think that these foods often travel thousands of kilometers. Many come from as far away as Africa or South America.

The transport needed to bring substitutes for autumn fruits and vegetables to the Canary Islands, whether by ship, plane, train or truck, generates millions of tons of CO2 that go into the atmosphere. On the other hand, greenhouse crops need heat pumps, which require enormous energy consumption to operate. Products from the land and from nearby crops, also called kilometer 0, do not cause these problems.

Autumn seasonal fruits and vegetables in the Canary Islands

Buying from producers with a minimum of intermediaries means that you get freshly harvested produce from the field. On the other hand, you will get better prices, since transportation and storage costs are minimal. In addition, there is no need to freeze or use preservatives. Food from other countries can cost up to twice as much as food harvested locally in season.

Another positive impact is that by buying seasonal products, in this case autumn products in the Canary Islands, we stimulate local commerce and the economy of the islands.

The best fruits to eat in autumn in the Canary Islands

The diversity of fruits that are in season in the fall is enormous. You have a wide variety to choose from: pomegranates, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, figs, melons, apples, peaches and pears, which are at their best in September.

In October the offer varies a little and kiwis appear, while the fruits we mentioned before are still in their natural time, but they are gradually leaving the calendar. November continues to offer kiwis, but citrus fruits are a surprise. You can enjoy all the flavor and aroma of limes, lemons, oranges and tangerines.

Autumn vegetables in the Canary Islands

Autumn in the Canary Islands is perhaps the season richest in produce from the countryside. You will find a wide variety of seasonal vegetables in October. Leafy greens, such as spinach, endive, chard and lettuce, are more colorful than in the rest of the year. Cucumbers, peppers, onions and tomatoes are going to be part of your crunchiest salads. And let's not forget such delicious and healthy foods as avocado, corn, beans and eggplants. Also some root vegetables such as beets, radishes, sweet potatoes and carrots.

In November you can enjoy cauliflowers and delicious mushrooms, with all their aroma and flavor. Cardoons and turnips will also be available this month.

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