Iván Cerdeño and Padrón brothers, avant-gardism and innovation

Poemas by Hermanos Padron, located in the emblematic Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotelhas been the stage chosen to carry out the first edition of the Inspirational Chef Program Gran Canaria 2022. During the 25th and 26th of October, the kitchens of the restaurant, entirely advised by the Padrón brothers, have been one hundred percent offering two dinners by Iván Cerdeño (Restaurante Iván Cerdeño, two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns), guest chef for the occasion, and Juan Carlos Padrón (Restaurante Poemas by Hermanos Padrón, one Michelin star and one Repsol sun).

Padrón Brothers and Ivan Cerdeño, perfect synergy in the kitchen

The menu, specially designed for this event and composed of 12 courses, was characterized by the perfect synergy that both chefs demonstrated during the two days. A sequence of alternating dishes, some of them classics from both restaurants, in which the best market produce shone in all its splendor.

Iván Cerdeño was in charge of starting the experience with three starters: mushroom and vinegar, Toledo cheese fritter and green bell pepper and salted fish pâté. These were followed by the Padrón brothers' famous Canarian black pudding and almond praline nougat.

Both chefs have a long history in the kitchen and coincide in their passion for innovation and cuisine with roots, as well as for market products. These characteristics of both cuisines were reflected in the different dishes presented: oyster with green curry; roasted tomatoes, ricotta cheese and herb soup; wreckfish, wreckfish white and fried kale; and crayfish curd.

Meat has also been present: beef heart gizzard, beet and chipotle, by Juan Carlos Padrón; and gazapo de monte, by Iván Cerdeño. Of course, the sweet touch was provided by three desserts: broken apple pie; Toledo souvenir, cheese, spices and saffron; and Orelys chocolate, licorice and mandarin; ending with the house petit fours

Both the Padrón brothers, Jonathan and Juan Carlos, as well as Iván Cerdeño take into account the past and their roots to write the future and both cuisines are far from traditional recipes in search of avant-gardism. This fact has given this "four hands" at Poemas by Padrón Brothers an even more special flavor, making it the starting point for the following editions to be held at the restaurant during 2023.

A unique event, five star sponsors

In addition, this first edition of Inspirational Chef Program Gran Canaria 2022 has counted with the presence of Makro and Heineken, as main sponsors; Champagne Mailly Grand Cru, official champagne of the event; Audi, reference vehicles for the displacement of the chefs, and Arehucas, a prestigious brand based on its quality and history.

The Canary Islands is a land with a thousand things to see, explore and learn about. If you are interested in learning more about the islands, their culture, tradition, gastronomy and events, here is the link to our magazine at Marca Canaria.

Paula Vera

Photos: @gorostizaphotography


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