In a 200-year-old house, converted into a restaurant in 2005, its name is kept in memory of Santiago Eugenio, who lived there and was one of the first people to welcome the first tourists to the Fire Mountains.
In a wonderful enclave, with enviable views of the town of Yaiza that can be seen from its cozy terrace, the space shelters the guests through a large ficus. The interior rooms maintain a traditional decoration and offer a kitchen with top quality materials. The main dishes revolve around meat and fish, and offers national and international meats such as Australian Black Angus, Wagyu, Mamon beef (Esla Valley), goat and lamb from Lanzarote. Among the fishes, the cod of the house, the tuna in marinade, the squids with onions and the taquitos of cherne stand out. Typical dishes are prepared, recovered from their oldest recipes that appear on the menu as "the style of Santiago".

Tuesday to Thursday 13:00-22:30

Friday and Saturday 13:00-23:00

Sunday 13:00-18:00


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