The best surfing beaches in Tenerife

Thanks to the geographical situation of the Canary Islands and the spectacular climate of the islands, it is more than common to be able to surf in Tenerife all year round. The island has excellent sea conditions and waves, as well as one of the best marine ecosystems and volcanic reefs in the world for the practice of not only surfing, but also other sports such as body boarding, long boarding and stand up paddle. For those who want to travel to the island and learn to surf or simply practice it in this article we will talk about the five best beaches for surfing in Tenerife.

The beaches of Tenerife

Riding the waves from sunrise to sunset. That is the great dream of every rider and in the Canary Islands it can come true. The long sunny days, the stable climate and the water temperature around 20º all year round, allow you to go out surfing every day for as many hours as you want. That is why the Archipelago has already become a surfing paradise.

La Tejita Beach

The island's beaches have right and left waves, peaks and tubes accessible in both winter and summer. They attract surf lovers from all over Europe. The best time to practice it is from November to February, although in summer the north of the island works very well, and in winter, the south.

The best surfing spots in Tenerife

Igueste de San Andres in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

One of the best in the north, with waves with ideal characteristics for body boarding. A unique natural environment where you can enjoy waves of one to three meters and medium tide. The bottom of this beach is rocky and the wind usually blows from the south. It is ideal for surfing all year round and you can enjoy perfect left waves, fast and tubular.

El Callao in Punta del Hidalgo

A natural environment in the quiet town of Punta del Hidalgo, in the north of the island, where you can enjoy waves of two to four meters, medium tide and south wind. The bottom of this beach is rocky and its waves are large, variable and tubular. It also has a strong north swell. The best time to surf on this beach is in autumn and winter. However, it should be noted that both in Punta del Hidalgo and Bajamar, the locals, that is, the surfers in the area, are reluctant to have people coming from outside to take "their waves."

Beach of El Socorro in Los Realejos

This beach, also located in the north of the island of Tenerife, dazzles for its beauty and extension, as well as for its characteristic black sand of volcanic origin. It is perfect for body boarding and offers waves ranging from one to two meters and all kinds of tides. The bottom of this beach is sandy and the wind usually blows from the south. Its waves are characterized by being fast and tubular and the average swell is from the west and northwest. Perfect for surfing all year round. In addition, the beach has showers, parking, restaurant, lifeguards and toilets. On the other hand, it is often the scene of competitions and has the recognized Blue Flag.

El Medano

In the south of the island is the best place in Tenerife for kitesurfing and windsurfing: El Médano. It is the only spot on the island with constant wind practically all year round. It started to become fashionable at the beginning of the 90's and, at present, in this area is held every year in mid-July, one of the tests of the world windsurfing championship, as well as tests of the Spanish kitesurfing championship. There are several beaches in this area: south beach or the bay, Cabezo beach, where the world windsurfing championship is organized, and the pier, behind the Puertito.

El Médano Beach

Las Conchas Beach in Guía de Isora

This beach has a high difficulty when practicing water sports such as surfing, so it is frequented by professionals. It is also one of the best known on the south coast. In this area of the island break quality waves, within an urban environment, and these range from one to two meters. You can surf at any tide and its bottom is rocky, with wind from the south. It is characterized, above all, by its right waves, fast and tubular. In addition, in this beach breaks a right that generates powerful and long tubes. It is ideal especially for surfing in winter and has showers, parking, restaurant, lifeguards and toilets.

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