The gastronomic vision of the CanaryFoodies

Who hasn't yet seen on Instagram a post by. @canaryfoodies? Surely by scrolling you have seen one of the reels of this couple, lovers of the Canary Islands and, above all, of its gastronomy, who, in addition to having an Instagram account with 24,000 followers, also have their own website. On both platforms, the CanaryFoodies recommend restaurants in the Canary Islands, but also outside the islands, which they themselves have tried.

CanaryFoodies emerged spontaneously three years ago. Behind the account are Marcos Ascanio Zárate and Cristina Mata Hernández, two mathematicians by training and teachers by vocation, who together have discovered their passion: the enjoyment of gastronomy. "In our free time we love to go out to try restaurants and enjoy everything that brings the gastronomy of our islands and, sometimes, outside them," explains the couple, who do not see @canaryfoodies as a job: "It is our hobby, as well as an escape route to forget the routine and all the browns of work."

CanaryFoodies: "We love to go out and try restaurants and enjoy all that gastronomy has to offer".

When asked about their passion for gastronomy, both affirm that it is something complex that has evolved within the couple: "It is not something that has been instilled in us, it has emerged within the couple as a result of sharing our experiences with our environment, opening it to a larger community, making it free". Both are excited about discovering new places, tasting their creations, knowing how the dining room works and that all this makes them dream: "Gastronomy makes us travel or remember experiences and we believe that this is what has hooked us".

It has been precisely this joint passion for gastronomy that has made the couple decide to train, above all, in the world of wine: "We have done many tastings together in which we are learning, little by little, everything related to this world. In addition, Marcos has obtained the WSET2, an international distinction in wine tasting and knowledge of wine", says Cristina Mata. As for the world of cooking, they both enjoy getting family and friends together to create dishes and follow the recipes of great chefs. Likewise, they have attended several cooking courses and gastronomic events where they have learned and understood what is behind each dish served at a table.

A great success in networks

Currently, @canaryfoodies has 24,000 followers on Instagram. Both Marcos Ascanio and Cristina Mata say they did not expect that their content would be liked so much: "The truth is that everything has been unexpected, as well as exciting. It fills us with satisfaction that our followers like what we do and thank us for the time we dedicate to all this. That, for us, is our success".

CanaryFoodies: "We have noticed a general change in Canarian society and we believe that they now value gastronomy more and enjoy it".

The couple is clear that for them gastronomy means enjoyment, but not everyone sees it that way, or at least not a few years ago: "We have noticed a general change in Canarian society and we believe that now they value gastronomy more and enjoy it", they explain and affirm that lately those who write to their profile judge the level of enjoyment more than the price of the restaurant.

Instagram | @canaryfoodies

"We want to think that when someone follows us on social networks, in addition to recommendations of places, what they are looking for is honesty, transparency and reality," say Cristina Mata and Marcos Ascanio and add that all the content they upload is from places where they have enjoyed: "We are not here to harm, but to help, as long as the experience is up to par. We don 't want to be food critics, we simply enjoy ourselves".

Gastronomy in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have been experiencing a gastronomic boom for years, marked by a greater awareness of the local produce, its own cuisine, recipes and roots. The gastronomic offer offered by the islands is increasing, recognized every year by prestigious guides such as Michelin and Repsol with stars and suns.

The Canarian community itself has been gradually realizing this. The islands have great products and many good producers who work hard to bring to our tables the best and with an exquisite quality. In addition, Canarian viticulture is living one of its greatest periods of splendor, being recognized nationally, but even more so internationally.

CanaryFoodies: "We are defenders of Canarian gastronomy and in our islands things are getting better and better".

"We are defenders of Canarian gastronomy and in our islands things are getting better and better. We have all the ingredients, a quality local product, an environment that accompanies us and chefs who are committed to stay here and undertake their own projects, as well as great wine projects", explained Cristina Mata and Marcos Ascanio, adding that more and more establishments are betting strongly on the island product and even more on Canary Island wines.

"We highly value everything related to Canary Island wine. There are projects that have been able to be maintained over time, as well as new ones that directly come to shut mouths". The couple highlights some Canarian projects that for them never fail, such as: Paisaje de las Islas, Viñátigo, Altos de Trevejos or Suertes del Marqués, as well as other projects they love: Tierra Fundida, Rajadero, Rofe, Los Loros, Llanos Negros, Lava, Ikewen, Envinate or Tamerán.

When asked about essential restaurants in the Canary Islands, both focus on Tenerife and Gran Canaria, as they are the islands they know best and they propose a selection of places to visit where they have enjoyed a lot.  

On the one hand there is Tenerife: "In the north we stayed with Mirador de Garachico, Dabeke, Calderito de la Abuela, Listán Negro, Izakaya LO, Haydee, Taller de Seve and Cumai. On the way to the metropolitan area we stopped in Nila and continued with La Sandunga, Bejeque, Faracho, Silbo Gomero and Mojo Rojo. In Santa Cruz we would say Bárbaro, Kiki, Los Tronkos, Aiko and Sabela. In the south, El Secreto de Chimiche, El Garvi, El Ancla, Qapaq, Goxoa, El Rincón de Juan Carlos, San-Ho, Il Bocconcino, Kensei and Bésame Mucho".

On the other hand, Gran Canaria: "In the capital we love De Contrabando, Anteo, Cuernocabra, Embarcadero, Bevir, Tabaiba, Camino al Jamonal, Triciclo, Qué Leche, El Equilibrista, Vinófilos Triana and Poemas. Then La Tunera in Telde and La trastienda de Chago in Gáldar. And in the southern part, which we have recently discovered, La Palmera Sur, Umiaya and 222 SW Bar & Grill".

CanaryFoodies: "The future of Canarian gastronomy is very promising".

But if they had to talk about Canarian restaurants that essentially represent the Canary Islands, the couple has several clear projects: "In Tenerife, we have a clear advocate of Canarian cuisine and that is our friend Braulio Simancas who makes traditional elaborations in the Silbo Gomero where the important thing is the slow cooking that fills each dish with flavor. We would also highlight the project of Quique Luis, in his beloved Black Listán which still maintains the essence of the guachinche".

Instagram | @canaryfoodies

On the other hand, in Gran Canaria, they highlight two places that for them represent the Canarian essence from two different and innovative points of view: "On the one hand, we have Abraham Ortega, Áser Martín and José Pérez at Tabaiba. A unique project that is giving a lot to talk about and that we believe will go far. They have managed to give a twist to our typical dishes and have given a boost to the wine of our islands. On the other hand, Cuernocabra Safe Cruz, Aida González and Alberto Martín, with an amusing cuisine, a crazy and rogue concept of our Canarian product, are capable of extolling our essence through their elaborations".

When talking about the future, the CanaryFoodies are clear: "The future of Canary Island gastronomy is very promising. We don't think it will be many years before we go from being a purely tourist destination to a gastronomic and winery visit destination".

Paula Vera

Photos: @canaryfoodies


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