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After months of work, iNNoble Wine Magazine, a priori, a winemagazine, is finally available. The new project of Rayco Fernández and Armando Guerra is already giving a lot to talk about, as it not only deals with wines, but also tells stories. A biannual magazine that revolves around the world of wine from the perspective of its creators and offers articles, reports and interviews.

Rayco Fernández and Armando Guerra

When Rayco Fernández is asked why iNNoble Wine Magazine was created, he does not hesitate to mention his friend and partner: "Armando says that it was an "innocent desire for profit", because it was more expensive than the wedding of an infanta - but the reality is different - for us Innoble Wine Magazine is a therapeutic exercise and we like to think that the sector needed it".

Rayco Fernández answers as editor of iNNoble and assures that he always wanted to be one: "I wear suspenders better than Pedro J. Ramírez and the editor's office was small, which is why Armando took the management office on the ninth floor".

Rayco Fernandez, iNNoble editor

Since its official presentation on May 27th at Coalla Gourmet in the central Serrano Street in Madrid, until its release through the iNNoble website, the magazine has been very well received with more than a thousand copies sold in less than a month. iNNoble websiteThe magazine has been very well received, with more than a thousand copies sold in less than a month. "We had absolute faith that we would fail, it is always better to start from that basis. We were doing it for ourselves, but we have already sold more than a thousand copies and that feels very good, especially to the director of our bank branch who is a friend, but hypertensive," he explains.

Rayco Fernández: "For us iNNoble Wine Magazine is a therapeutic exercise and we like to think that the industry needed it".

Wanting to carry out a project of such magnitude and without experience always brings difficulties. At the beginning, the main problem that both Rayco Fernández and Armando Guerra encountered was the lack of support: "Nobody supported us when we mentioned the idea more than a year ago, but things changed when they saw that we were not going to leave it aside. It was difficult, we didn't know anything, but if there are thousands of chefs who don't know how to cook and nothing happens to them, then let's go for broke!

iNNoble Wine Magazine is a magazine aimed at anyone who likes gastronomy, but especially at those who are dedicated to it or want to do it. Behind the project there is a great team taking care of every detail: "Without our deputy director Leonor García or our editor-in-chief Carmela Fernández, we would not have even made the summary", says Rayco Fernández.

Rayco Fernández: "Nobody supported us when we discussed the idea more than a year ago, but things changed when they saw that we were not going to leave it parked."

The design and art direction is by the Rodríguez y Cano studio and the cover is the work of the Sanlúcar artist Laura Millán. In addition, many of the pages of iNNoble Wine Magazine are authentic works of art thanks to the participation of illustrators of the stature of Xavier Mula, Alberto Gayo and Perriné Honoré, among others.

Magazine article

Rayco Fernández describes this first issue in two words: "It contains sulfites". Many collaborators participate in the magazine, Estanis Nuñez, Borja Beneyto, Sebastian Zuccardi..., although to know the exact number it is better to buy it. Of course, also important are the people interviewed, as is the artist and filmmaker Isabel Coixet. "When we got serious we were surprised that right away Coalla, Vila Viniteca, San Cobate, Cvne, Spiegeleau or Subterfuge said yes and supported us. This was motivating because they say that the first issue is always the one that costs the most," he explains.

Rayco Fernández: "They say that the first number is always the one that costs the most."

The magazine, which will be marketed in cities around the world such as New York, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Brussels or Lisbon, takes an incalculable amount of hours of work: "If we had known the costs we would not have done it, but we have had a great time," says Rayco Fernández.

iNNoble Wine Magazine offers, without a doubt, top-notch information for iNNoble people. A must read if you have an appreciation for culture or not, it's up to you. We can't tell you more. If we have left you intrigued, go to the iNNoble website, get your copy and enjoy it with a good glass of wine.

iNNoble more than a festival or a wine club

There are no close references to the concept of iNNoble, but it is not a wine club, nor is it just a festival. iNNoble is an indiscreet society , a vinomasonic sect which celebrates every two years a party dedicated to the enjoyment of wine: Innoble Wine Festival, in the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Cádiz.

"iNNoble is a party that came about in 2017. Vinoble -the International Salon of Noble, Fortified and Liqueur Wines that takes place in the Alcázar de Jerez- is held every two years, always even years, and we wanted to do something for that year that was left off the hook without activity. Vinoble has a budget and it is in Jerez, we don't have a budget and we do it in Sanlúcar de Barrameda", explains Rayco Fernández.

"At iNNoble you can enjoy live music all day long. You eat everything but the usual wine fair food. Beautiful people go, and the ugly ones who sneak in are super nice. You can't miss it," he adds.

If you would like to be a member of the iNNoble society , you should be aware that it is a bit complicated and that certain requirements must be met: "You must be invited by three people, one of whom must be left-handed. In addition, you must have a father or mother of unknown origin and bring us a box of La Tâche 1982", explains Rayco Fernández, although there is another way and that is by paying: "The Catholic Church invented this method and there is no other company more serious about attracting clients".

What Rayco Fernández is clear about is that people confuse sarcasm, irony or humor with a lack of seriousness and he adds that: "As Peter Ustinov said, "the comic is simply a funny way of being serious".

Paula Vera

Photos: iNNoble


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