The natural monument of Los Órganos of La Gomera

A little less than an hour by boat from Tenerife is the small island of La Gomera. A place to discover nature through its incredible landscapes, its deserted beaches of black sand, its ancient forests and vertical cliffs over a sea of crystal clear waters. If this summer you are thinking of visiting this small island, there is a natural monument that you can not miss and this is: The Organs of La Gomera.

Los Órganos de La Gomera, nature will leave you speechless.

The Organs of La Gomera is a natural monument of volcanic origin that owes its name to the resemblance of its columns with authentic pipes of a gigantic organ. They are located north of the town of Vallehermoso. Moreover, it is only possible to see it from the sea, so the visit to this natural enclave by boat is one of the tourist attractions offered by the island.

It is one of the most spectacular volcanic landscapes in existence, as well as an unparalleled geological phenomenon. Declared a Protected Natural Area and Natural Monument, these basaltic columns constitute one of the best examples of lava cooling in a crater. They have an extension of 150 hectares. The impressive cliff on which it is located is almost 700 m high and today is one of the natural symbols of La Gomera.

Its origin

This natural monument is one of the best examples in the Canary Islands of the Salic Python, where marine erosion exposes a spectacular set of prisms that have arisen as a result of the slow cooling of volcanic materials . The viscosity of the lavas caused them to ascend with difficulty through the eruptive conduit, expanding and offering flattened shapes, which once eroded and with the outer layer dismantled, gave rise to this tremendous natural wonder in the form of columns. A good part of this columnar structure is submerged, giving rise to attractive and rich seabeds.

Excursion to Los Órganos de La Gomera

The private boats that take you to Los Órganos leave from the large tourist centers of Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago. They offer excursions of several hours along the west coast of the island to end up in this place. The guides of these boats explain that the 'organs' are actually a large mass of magma that did not reach the surface and cooled quickly, breaking into regular shapes. The onslaught of the fierce sea in the north of La Gomera then took charge of excavating it, cutting it into pieces and sculpting it into its current unique shape.

La Gomera, a magical island

Hidden in the interior of the Canary archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, hides a magical paradise: La Gomera. With barely twenty thousand inhabitants, the island offers 370 square kilometers of charm, history and nature . Its pristine beaches, secret paths and picturesque landscapes of all colors make it a place to connect with the environment. A place where you can feel the influence of the volcanoes and marvel at the unique trails, all while enjoying the best climate in the world.

Its orography, its history and its landscapes will make you feel special and unique. A place with its own identity, that of its people. The inhabitants of La Gomera are the heritage of a unique mix, from the first aboriginal settlers to the current society, with hundreds of years of memories and legends. An island that undoubtedly has a lot to offer and is a must visit if you travel to the Canary Islands.

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