The viewpoint of Jinama and other viewpoints of El Hierro that you can not miss

The island of El Hierro is an ideal place to get lost and enjoy everything it has to offer, its climate, its puddles, its forests and its volcanic landscape. All this under a relaxed atmosphere, devoid of the stress of tourist areas of first line. One of those unforgettable corners is the viewpoint of Jinama, with the El Hierro from which it is possible to admire the island from 1230 meters high, a figure that many fall in love with.

Viewpoint of Jinama in El Hierro

The viewpoint of Jinama in El Hierro has one of the most spectacular views of the island. It is located in the central eastern part of the island and from its height you can see the bay of El Golfo where banana plantations, pineapple plantations and vineyards predominate.

To get to the viewpoint you have to climb along a path known as the Jinama ascent, one of the oldest cattle trails on the island. Along this route you climb along the edge of a cliff from where you can appreciate fabulous views of the valley.

The route to the viewpoint of Jinama was used by the Herreños in ancient times to carry out "mudadas", when the population of the island moved to the Valle del Golfo to tend the crops and enjoy a better climate for the reproduction of livestock.

Other viewpoints that you can enjoy in El Hierro

Although the viewpoint of Jinama is impressive and one of the key points to visit in El Hierro, this volcanic island also has other viewpoints from which you can enjoy all the splendor offered by a volcanic environment.

Other viewpoints that can be visited in El Hierro are:

  • La Peña viewpoint. The viewpoint of La Peña in El Hierro is also an ideal place to contemplate the island and its typical volcanic coast. Designed by the famous Canarian architect Cesar Manrique, is located in the north of the island. It has a restaurant from whose windows you can see the Gulf Valley with a drop of a thousand meters. It is one of the most visited and spectacular viewpoints of the island.
  • Viewpoint of Las Playas. Near the small village of Isora on the way from the capital Valverde to El Pinar, is this viewpoint known as Las Playas. This viewpoint is located in a wooded area dominated by Canary Island pine trees and overlooks the Roque de la Bonanza, where some of the few sandy beaches of this island are located, such as Playa de la Arena, de los Cardones and Las Playas.

The volcanic nature of El Hierro means that the viewpoints installed on many of its peaks offer spectacular panoramic views of the island. Visiting the island while going from viewpoint to viewpoint is a fantastic way to enjoy nature in its purest form and get to know the island of El Hierro at the same time.


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