Where to eat in La Gomera: 5 places with charm

La Gomera, the quiet island

The island of La Gomera, that jewel in the Atlantic, is not only a pleasure for the eyes, but for all the senses. Its lush vegetation, whitewashed houses and black sandy beaches are much more than the Garajonay National Park, one of the four National Parks of the Canary Islands. Less than half an hour from the island of Tenerife by sea, it still has the charm of the places without tourist overexploitation, and where the landscapes, villages and streets offer us tranquillity and beauty, and if we recently told you in this blog what to see in La Gomera we told you about places to visit on the island, today we tell you where to eat in La Gomera.

A getaway to this Canary Island is an experience on every level, and its delicious gastronomy is one of its great attractions. It is not difficult to find a good place to eat in La Gomera, which has some magnificent restaurants all over the island.

Where to eat in La Gomera, in Marca Canaria
Casa Efigenia is a reference among the restaurants of La Gomera.

Typical dishes of La Gomera that you must try

The gastronomy of the Canary Islands is as intense as its orography. Among the most emblematic products of this fortunate island is almogrote, a mojo that resembles pâté and mixes cured cheese, oil, pepper and sometimes tomato. Its spicy touch makes it ideal with potatoes and bread.

The fish cannot be missing in an island cuisine, and in La Gomera the corvina, the cherne and the vieja are common in a great number of dishes, and in the restaurants we have chosen where to eat in La Gomera they are very well represented.

Mojos, especially pepper mojo and coriander or parsley mojo, are a common accompaniment to many recipes and snacks (simply spread on bread and they are delicious) in the best restaurants on La Gomera.

Eating in La Gomera
The wide gastronomy of La Gomera can be tasted in all these restaurants.

The canary gofio was already a fundamental part of the ancient inhabitants of the Canarian archipelago before the Canarian conquest, and continues to be so today. Gofio gomero is characterised by its intense flavour and its mixture of cereals.

The watercress stew is also very popular among the people of Gomera, as well as the extraordinary white wines of Gomera, which go so well with the most typical products of the land.

Finally, we must not forget the desserts, among which the wonderful palm honey. Other highlights of the menus are the leche asada (roast milk), the tortas de vilana and cuajada (curd cakes) and the rosquetes.

After eating in La Gomera, it is always a good idea to rest the meal with a good digestive, such as mistela or gomerón, a wonderful liqueur made from palm honey and grapevine.

5 restaurants where to eat in La Gomera

The restaurants where to eat in La Gomera that we have chosen offer the best of the island's gastronomy, and we present them to you below:

Casa Ciro, in La Gomera
Casa Ciro, a restaurant serving tasty local cuisine with magnificent views

Ciro House

Known by all as "Casa Ciro", this is a family restaurant where homemade dishes are prepared, is located on the beachfront and has spectacular views of the Charco del Conde, a quiet natural pool that delights children and adults. It offers a wide culinary offer of quality, where its fish stands out. Apart from its dining room, you have the option to book on the terrace, where it is a thousand wonders.

Restaurant La Vieja Escuela, in La Gomera
La Vieja Escuela is quality home cooking from La Gomera.

The Old School

Restaurant located in Agulo, its picturesque cobbled streets, and stunning mountain views, are the ideal aperitif to enjoy the flavour of the island of La Gomera with a cuisine based on natural and fresh ingredients from the land and the sea. Fresh fish, prawns with garlic, goat's meat, almogrote, tuna in mojo sauce, veal cutlet, roast milk or Pantana jam are all sure to please. Traditional and island cuisine in a unique place, as this restaurant is located in what used to be the old school of Agulo, founded in 1927, a perfect place to eat in La Gomera, without a doubt.

Casa Efigenia La Montaña, on La Gomera
Casa Efigenia La Montaña, in Las Hayas

Casa Efigenia La Montaña

Created in the sixties, the restaurant located in Las Hayas is run by Efigenia, a woman born in the land of Gomera, raised among fruits, vegetables and greens, who would later take her from the garden to the kitchen with the best techniques, and from the kitchen to the table with her friendly character and her people skills. Thanks to her, a small corner lost in this dream island has become a reference point for traditional Canarian gastronomy. It is one of the most authentic and traditional corners of the island, and there is no doubt that a good vegetable stew, a gofio escaladón and a fruit salad, accompanied by almogrote, mojo rojo, bread and a warm homemade lemonade, made with so much love, tastes like heaven.

TRattoria Laurel, Hotel Tecina
Trattoria Club Laurel, one of the restaurants of the Hotel Jardín Tecina in La Gomera.

Hotel Jardin Tecina

Hotel Jardín Tecina is located in the quiet village of Playa Santiago, on an impressive cliff overlooking the Atlantic. This luxury resort is located in an idyllic spot, from where you can go on excursions to the Garajonay National Park to enjoy its flora and fauna. Crossing its gates means enjoying a unique combination of nature, sport, relaxation and leisure. And no wonder: 70,000 square metres of botanical garden where you can stroll and contemplate the more than fifty plants from all over the world that coexist here. It has five swimming pools, two solariums, four bars and no less than six restaurants to choose from: Restaurante Principal, Club Laurel, Restaurante Gara, Trattoria Club Laurel, Barbacoa Piscina and Tasca Fandango.

Parador of La Gomera
El Parador de La Gomera, local produce in delicious dishes

Parador of La Gomera

This Parador Nacional is located in San Sebastián de La Gomera, with an island architecture that takes you back to other times, to the times of the Columbian era. With views of the city and the island of Tenerife, the cosy rooms, the swimming pool and a garden with subtropical species form an ideal setting for tranquillity and enjoyment. With breathtaking views over the ocean, beach, nature and history at hand, the restaurant, rustic and beautiful, offers above all local products such as Gomeran cheese, black potato, black wreckfish, black pig, in updated recipes that will certainly not leave anyone indifferent, such as watercress stew, almogrote, boiled old women and roasted milk with honey from Palma. Full of details in a very pleasant atmosphere. A great charming place to eat in La Gomera.

Photos: own restaurants.


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