La Gomera is one of those magical places on earth where one can go to escape the passage of time, where one can forget the clock, the routine and the real world and immerse oneself in a land indifferent to the incessant change of years and seasons. And it is in this wonderful island where we find one of the corners that show us that one can travel in time with only the sight, the ear, the palate and the feelings. This wonderful place is Casa Efigenia...

And it all began at the end of the hectic forties, when Efigenia and Manuel, a young couple decided to share their life, and their passion for making each other's lives more enjoyable. Together they brought forth the "ventita del barrio". The business was growing with word of mouth as the only advertising, which led the couple to expand it and finally create in the sixties a restaurant where the protagonist would be Efigenia, a woman born in Gomera land who had grown since she was a child among fruits, vegetables, and fruits, taking them from the garden to the kitchen with her precise and artisan hands, and from the kitchen to the table with her friendly, homely character and her gift of people. Thanks to her, a small corner lost in this dream island has become a reference point for traditional Canarian gastronomy.

In this house, Casa Efigenia, everybody who comes to one of the most authentic and traditional corners of the island is welcome...😊

In this weather, a good vegetable stew, a gofio escaladón and a fruit salad, accompanied by almogrote, mojo rojo, bread and a warm homemade lemonade, made with so much love, tastes and tastes great! 😋

From Wednesday to Monday 08:00-20:00

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