The Marcos and Cordero Springs Route on La Palma

It is considered one of the most popular hiking routes on La Palma, as well as the best one to do if you are travelling around the island. The beautiful Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero hike goes through thirteen water tunnels and allows you to descend into the heart of the Biosphere Reserve.

Marcos and Cordero Springs Route

In search of the origins of water

Located in the northern region of the island of La Palma, the trail runs parallel to the canal that collects water from the springs. It also passes through the great caldera of Marcos y Cordero, from which it gets its name. The route crosses the different ravines to converge in the Barranco del Agua ravine.

Marcos and Cordero Springs Route

The Nacientes de Marcos and Cordero offer a landscape full of Canary Island pine trees and native vegetation. In addition, the route also allows you to enjoy a series of large vertical walls typical of the north of the island and which, of course, herald the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

A circular path through the laurel forest

Covering seven kilometres of the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces, the Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero route is a route with a low gradient. It lasts approximately three hours, if it is a round trip, i.e. it is a circular path that starts and ends in the same place. The starting point is at the Casa del Monte, so this is also the end point.

Laurisilva on La Palma

The Nacientes de Marcos and Cordero offer a unique vegetation landscape with leafy pines and traces of laurel forest. The route can be split into several parts, but if you decide to do it in its entirety, it is not suitable for everyone. It lasts approximately four hours and ends at the Barranco de Los Tiles ravine.

Marcos and Cordero Springs Route

If you decide to do this route, either the short circular version or the four-hour long version, it is recommended that you take a torch and a mackintosh. You could also wear a helmet, as once you start the route you will pass through thirteen tunnels which lead to or emanate water, so you will inevitably end up getting wet.

La Palma Footpath Network

La Palma is considered by many to be the island of hikers, as it has a network of footpaths that run throughout the island. These approved and signposted trails take advantage of the traditional paths used for centuries by the inhabitants of the island. You can find more information about them through the following link of the Cabildo de La Palma.

Marcos and Cordero Springs Route

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