What makes Güi Güi beach so special?


Gran Canaria has many beaches that are well known and famous, such as Maspalomas Beach and its dunes, Las Canteras Beach -which bathes the capital-, or the idyllic Amadores Beach, between Puerto Rico and Mogán.

But Gran Canaria hides many other wonderful and paradisiacal beaches that are not so popular because their access is more complicated, and they are located in remote areas of the island. One of these places that is worth visiting is Playa de Güi Güi.

Next, we will see how to get to Güi Güi to make excursions around or just go to the beach and we will see what activities can be done.

The beach of Güi Güi in Gran Canaria

Characteristics of Güi Güi Beach

Güi Güi Beach is divided into two beaches and can only be accessed from one to the other when the tide is low, known as Güigüi grande and Güigüi chico. The beach has an extension of one kilometer and does not have any building or human construction in its surroundings, projecting a unique image where you get the feeling of being in a virgin environment.

It is a beach of very fine sand, the result of the wear of the volcanic rock. It has temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean that come clean and crystal clear to its shore.

It is a beach that is located between cliffs and ravines, so its access requires a good walk along trails and paths. For this reason to go to the beach of Güi Güi it is best to go light, carrying water and other supplies to access the area and spend an unforgettable day enjoying nature.

An aerial view of Güi Güi Beach

How to get to this beach

To get to Güi Güi Beach in Gran Canaria you have to go to the west of the island, to the small village of Tasartico, the closest town to the beach. To get to Güi Güi you have to start walking along a 5-kilometre-long path that has countless descents and ascents to get around the arid, volcanic landscape of the area. The whole trail is conveniently signposted so it is not possible to get lost.

To get to the beach it takes about 2 hours and a half, so it requires a great physical effort that must be taken into account, especially because you must get rid of the road walked to return to Tasartico (another 2 hours and a half). 

If you plan a visit to this beach, keep in mind that you will need the whole day to get to the area, walk the trail, spend a few hours on the beach, and return again by the same route.

How to get to Güi Güi by sea

There is an alternative to go to Güi Güi without having to walk this demanding path. From different areas of the island such as Tasarte, La Aldea, Puerto Rico or Mogán you can hire an excursion to the beach and access it by boat in what are known as taxi boats. It is a less demanding way to enjoy the beach of Güi Güi, but it will deprive you of enjoying hiking in a spectacular area.


What to do in Güi Güi Beach

What to do at Güi Güi Beach

An excursion to the beach of Güi Güi is ideal for all nature lovers and hikers. On the way to the beach you climb up to the Degollada de Aguas Salinas at an altitude of 546 meters from where you can enjoy incredible views of the Güi Güi massif.

From that point on, a long descent begins along dirt roads in an arid environment, full of rocks and desert vegetation such as cactus and other native plants.

The difficulty of the route increases at times, especially on the more demanding slopes where the small stones turn them into slippery areas.

When you are arriving at the beach you can access the only building in the area, a small house that serves as a bar where you can have a snack and recharge your batteries before accessing the beach, or before starting the way back.

Once in the Güi Güi you can enjoy a pristine beach with crystal clear waters and that during much of the year has a pleasant temperature for swimming. It is usually a beach very little frequented because of its difficult access, so it is an ideal place to enjoy a day at the beach in a dreamlike environment. Even if the weather permits, you can make out the Teide in the distance, on the neighbouring island of Tenerife.

Route to Playa Güi Güi

If you like hiking, the beach and nature, Güi Güi beach is an ideal excursion to get to know a special area of the incredible island of Gran Canaria. A paradisiacal beach that is not saturated by tourism and that allows you to enjoy the water of the Atlantic Ocean in a unique and incredible environment.

Photos: gran-canaria-info.com, holaislascanarias.com, en.wikiloc.com.


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