New Repsol Soletes in the Canary Islands

On October 19, the Repsol Guide presented its new Soletes and the Canary Islands continue to shine with the strength of this star thanks to the prestigious guide, which revealed the 14 new Soletes that are added to the 156 that, since this distinction emerged in 2021, exist in the Archipelago.

The new awards are distributed between the capitals of Tenerife and Gran Canaria with 9 and 5 new restaurants recognized respectively. With this distinction, the Repsol Guide seeks to reward and locate hidden gems. Those places that deserve to be awarded for the quality of its proposal and service. An address to suggest to friends and keep as a reference if you visit the area.

This eighth edition of Soletes was presented in Santander where these awards were presented to the awarded establishments in the Cantabrian capital. This new edition has made 350 new establishments shine with this recognition. In total, there are 3,600 establishments in Spain with this award.

In the heart of the historic centers and the most central neighborhoods is where trends emerge and also where the businesses that best convey the soul of the city are located. The Repsol Soletes help to choose places to have breakfast, lunch or a drink in areas where it is often difficult to get it right, due to the breadth of supply and for being in constant turmoil.

The Repsol Guide, one of the most important guides in the world.

The Repsol Guide, until 2008 called Campsa Guide, is a Spanish tourist guide created in 1979 that proposes routes and itineraries through Spain. In addition, it provides information, of tourist interest, of the places through which you can pass, giving great importance to gastronomy. Since 2016, it has its own website where it publishes reports on destinations, routes, restaurants, wineries, among others.

Gastronomy is an independent section, separate from "tourism" and "maps and routes", and numerous restaurants are rated in this section. Within the gastronomy section, great importance is also given to producers, markets and wines.

The famous Repsol Suns

According to the guide itself, the current rating system takes into account parameters such as the overall customer experience, the use of proximity products, the technical capacity of the room team and the consistency of the projects.

In the Repsol Guide there are currently five different categories to rate the different restaurants and establishments:

Recommended. This means that the critics consider the restaurant to be quite interesting according to the above criteria.

"Solete". It is a distinction that is awarded to those establishments that have something special, be it a bar, a beach bar, an ice cream shop, a cafeteria, a hamburger bar, etc. Although they are not haute cuisine establishments, they have characteristics that make customers feel that they are in a special place, that they enjoy their stay and consider that they deserve recognition.

A "Sol". Together with a restaurant name means that there is a variety of dishes and excellent quality.

Two "Suns". They indicate "excellent quality in the kitchen". They are considered better than those with one sun, but not as good as those with three.

Three "Suns". It is the highest rating given by this guide and corresponds to the restaurants considered "the best of the year".

14 new Repsol soletes between Tenerife and Gran Canaria

With these 14 new Soletes, the Canary Islands now has 156 establishments with this distinction since its birth in the summer of 2021. In its continuous search for hidden gems, the team of experts of the Repsol Guide, spread throughout Spain, has managed to locate in the capital of Gran Canaria up to 5 establishments and 9 others in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

As for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we have, among the locals recognized with the solete Repsol, Platóniko Street Food, where you can enjoy the most authentic street food. Wong Solo Casa Ari, specialists in Indonesian food. Comando Pikza, the most famous pikza restaurant in the capital of Gran Canaria and with the best wine list of the Archipelago. La Bodega Extremeña and its more than famous elaborations. And finally, Lucira Restaurant where the expression of its chefs and their knowledge through their travels mark the essence of the place.

On the other hand, in the capital of Tenerife, we have among the restaurants recognized with this award, La Chachi where tradition and local produce come together in the best atmosphere. Mesón Los Tres Teniques, one of the oldest restaurants in the city. El Capricho de Nicomedes, owned by one of the most famous fish and seafood suppliers in Santa Cruz. 100% Hojaldre with the best pastries and pastries in the capital. Cortxo, creative cuisine in a small and cozy place. Mesón Castellano with its classic Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. La Garriga and the best tortilla sandwiches on the island. El Águila with a delicious offer of meals. And, finally, Znaks and its traditional Indian cuisine.

If you are interested in the world of products made in the Canary Islands and its gastronomy and you want to know more, we leave you the link to our Gastronomy section.

Photos: and Guía Repsol.


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