With incredible views over the Atlantic, located in the Ritz Carlton Abama, this one Michelin star restaurant offers the diner a unique experience. Japanese-Spanish spirit in the dishes and an exclusive treatment to the diner, the nigiris are prepared and plate one by one, as well as the tempura that is served piece by piece so that each one of them has the optimal temperature and frying at the time of tasting it.

Local products, especially fish and seafood, but also vegetables and meat, which surprise in hot dishes (not very common in other Japanese) and which harmonize perfectly under the baton of Daniel Franco with whom the fusion of Japanese and Canary Island cuisine becomes an art and as an example: he transforms the traditional Irabu Jiru, a soup of eel and pork, into a broth of suckling pig and moray, a fish from the popular Tenerife cuisine, which leaves you speechless. In its winery, it has more than 300 wine and 30 sake references.

The restaurant has different spaces: main room, sushi bar, Kabuki Bar with outdoor terrace and Kabuki Space, ideal for private dinners and exclusive events.

From Friday to Monday 19:00-21:30


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