The best hamburgers in Tenerife to try this spring

From the classic guachinches, to Japanese food, Italian or the best hamburgers in Tenerife, the gastronomic offer in the Island is as varied as exquisite, with many establishments focused on traditional dishes of the Archipelago, as well as others more focused on bringing international food to the Canary Islands, but always from a gourmet perspective. In this article we will review the restaurants with the best hamburgers in Tenerife.

The 5 places with the best hamburgers in Tenerife

Below we will mention the 5 places with the best burgers in Tenerife so you can book and enjoy it at any time.

All or Nothing, from Gran Canaria direct to La Laguna

At the end of November All or Nothing opened its doors in La Laguna. This renowned local, awarded with the Best Burger of the Canary Islands 2023 and among the best 15 hamburger restaurants in Spain that year, has opened two more locations in Gran Canaria with enormous success thanks to the quality of the raw material with which they prepare their burgers and the rest of their dishes. This hamburger restaurant specializes in dry aged meat, made both in smash burgers and grilled.


At the head of All or Nothing Burger is Tanis Barcala Romero, chef and owner who, after tasting the best hamburgers in the world, returned to his native island to start a gastronomic adventure that has been the delight of everyone who has sat down to taste his hamburgers. The secret of All or Nothing is to elaborate the burgers from Galician blonde veal loins, which are matured in a select way. Then, every morning the meat is minced and grinded so that customers can enjoy an exceptional flavor and texture.

Fingers and its Oklahoma, an obligatory stop in the south of the island

With its two locations in the south of the island of Tenerife, Dedos Burgers has one of the best burgers in Tenerife, the best in Tenerife and the third best in the Canary Islands according to the Spanish Burger Championship 2023, the Oklahoma Smashburger.


At Dedos they have their own butcher's shop, so the meats they offer are of the best quality and very fresh. It has been these own butchers who have developed the meat of the most popular burger of the festivals.

Beers, a classic

One of the most representative hamburger places in Tenerife with 10 years of history preparing some of the best hamburgers on the island. It has two small restaurants located in Santa Cruz and La Laguna. In the menu, they have all kinds of hamburgers, from the ones you can make yourself, the ones they propose you and even one of the chef's that they change every so often. Their offer is creative and unique. Undoubtedly a must-visit burger restaurant.


It is a casual place where they have hundreds of references of international beers, hence its name: Beers.

Está Rico, its name says it all

This year marks 6 years since they opened their first location and they are already five years old, one of them in Gran Canaria. This project comes from the heart, hard work and the desire to continue growing, a clear example of management of a young entrepreneur, Francisco Alvarez, who does not stop succeeding with its business model based on premium burgers, from bread to meat, through an efficient service and premises with a lot of character.


Another of Está Rico's keys is to attend events that are in line with its lifestyle and that of its customers, which is why it has a food truck that allows it to move around the islands and be wherever its target audience is.

Mostazza Burger in Santa Ursula, Best Burger in the Canary Islands 2024

It has been awarded with the Best Burger of the Canary Islands 2024 in the IV Championship of Spain of Hamburgers. It has two premises located both in the north of Tenerife, one in Santa Úrsula and the other in Icod de los Vinos. In addition, they have in mind to open a third location in Caletillas.


The winning burger was the Golden Burger made with Juanito Baker bread and Paco Rosa meat. A burger with a homemade creamed corn base that highlights the Venezuelan origin of its owners, crispy bacon slices made on the premises, homemade pickle jam, Monterey Jack cheese and red cheddar, all accompanied by a pepperoni hash on top.

If you are interested in the world of the products elaborated in the Canary Islands and its gastronomy and you want to know more, we leave you below the link to our section of Gastronomy section.


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