Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro: one of the smallest in the world

It is called Puntagrande, but in reality what characterizes it the least is its ample size. If the Puntagrande Hotel is known for anything, it is precisely the opposite. For years this location on the island of El Hierro has been considered the smallest hotel in the world, in fact, it even deserved that honor in the Guinness Book of Records.

Its origins date back to 1830, when a small house of barely 40 square meters was built on the shore. In its beginnings it was used as a warehouse space for food, but later changed its use to a bar-restaurant and finally ended up being converted into a hotel.

Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro

Currently, it is one of the most charming accommodations on the island. And, although the amenities it offers are far from other alternatives, its views of the Atlantic are reason enough to plan a visit to this place.

What makes Hotel Puntagrande so special

The Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro began its tourist and accommodation activities or dedicated to the service sector during the first half of the twentieth century. However, it was not until 1969 when a bar-restaurant was finally installed.

In 1975, the architect José Luis Jiménez Saavedra designed the current hotel with the priority objective of limiting the environmental impact of its construction as much as possible. Since 2019 this place has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the category of Ethnological Site. In turn, almost 30 years earlier, in 1991, it already received from the Government of the Canary Islands the honor of Silver Medal of "Important Tourism".

Puntagrande Hotel is built on a tongue of lava stone surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Staying in this building means feeling at the end of the world, with the endless ocean as a companion and also surrounded by the wild and untouched nature of El Hierro. This small island, the second smallest only behind La Graciosa, is a unique corner in the archipelago to enjoy peace and relaxation.

Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro

Another great incentive to visit this hotel is its firm commitment to the preservation of the environment. Its facilities are designed to always provide a pleasant atmosphere without the need for air conditioning or heating systems. It is obvious that the climate of El Hierro, always mild, actively contributes to this process, but so do its thick lava stone walls and the orientation of the building to favor wind currents.

It is a very small building, but more than cute, and naturally ecological . A space in which all materials and construction techniques are optimized to demonstrate that it is possible a kind tourism with nature and the environment.

Everything this hotel has to offer

The Puntagrande lodging in El Hierro offers only four rooms, but all of them are very exclusive. True to its tradition, in these spaces there is neither television, nor whirlpools nor the comforts of other more distinguished hotels, but precisely because what the site seeks is to attract guests by its simplicity.

Enjoy the natural luxury and contemplate the views of the Atlantic, both from private terraces and windows, and also look out over the cliffs facing the coast. Hotel Puntagrande adds to these options two very cozy apartments in which only adults are allowed.

Facing the Las Puntas pier and a few steps from the original hotel building, these two small residences share common kitchen and living room areas, leaving privacy only for the bedroom and private bathroom. In the upper area of the apartments there is also a solarium terrace overlooking the ocean.

To complete the offer, visitors to Puntagrande may opt for the deluxe suitea luxury room with 50 square meters and terraces of 100 square meters offering sea and mountain views. An accommodation inspired by nature, respectful of the environment and that is a haven of privacy and freedom.

Beyond enjoying the views and relaxing in the haven of peace that is the hotel, a visit to this area of El Hierro invites visitors to discover nearby spaces. Among them the natural pools of El Charco Azul or contemplate the Verodal Beach, with its reddish sand.

In the immediate surroundings of the hotel, there are also beaches such as Punta Grande, Punta de Juan Jiménez and Punta de Zamora. In Punta Grande you can see the remains of an old port that serves as a defensive barrier against the powerful waves in the area.

How to get to Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro

Hotel Puntagrande de El Hierro is located in Las Puntas, in the municipality of La Frontera. To get there it takes about 25 minutes both from the island's airport and from Puerto de la Estaca, which is the main link between the island and the outside. Also from Puerto de la Estaca, which is the main link between the island and the outside world.

In the case of Puerto de la Estaca, those who wish to visit Puntagrande should take the Hi-2 road to the municipality of Villa de Valverde. Then they will continue along the Hi-5 road that crosses part of the north of the island. Finally, you have to go along part of the coast towards the south and reach Las Puntas. If you are traveling from the airport, the route is similar, but before taking the Hi-2, you have to travel about four kilometers along the Hi-3 . The other alternatives are public transportation, either by bus or cab. If you opt for the bus, it will take between an hour and a half and two hours to get to the hotel.

Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro

Hotel Puntagrande is a unique space in El Hierro. The building, with its reduced dimensions, demonstrates that there are intelligent formulas to complement tourism and respect for the environment. A highly recommended place that you will not forget and to which you will want to return.

The Canary Islands is a land with a thousand things to see, explore and learn about. If you are interested in learning more interesting facts about the Canary Islands, here is a link to the Explora Canarias section of Marca Canaria.

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