We chose 5 exceptional Canary Island wines

Canary wines are unique because the Canary Islands have some of the oldest vineyards in Europe. Its volcanic terrain, high altitudes and humid climate make it produce unusual, fantastic and very rare wines. Today we bet on 5 exceptional wines from the Canary Islands.

1. A high altitude wine

Benje Tinto se obtained from one of the highest vineyards in Tenerife, more than 1,000 meters from altitude in Santiago del Teide. This gives the wine a fusion of aromas of red fruits and floral notes whose mineral background betrays its volcanic soil. Fresh and light, Benje Tinto pairs perfectly with roast beef and red mojo.

Thus, the Envínate winery has managed to have all its wines show the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, reveal its volcanic terroir, and share a common know-how: old school techniques (all the field work is done by hand or on horseback) to achieve pure and simple wines. Proof of this is Benje Tinto, an exquisite delicacy that almost literally descends from the heavens to satisfy the common mortal.

The young winemakers winegrowers behind this creation have given a breath of fresh air to the Spanish wine scene with a wine to match the circumstances.

2. Be the first or be the best?

Both. With Ikewen White or Red. Because behind the project is the winemaker Carmelo Peña -artistic to collaborate in other wineries with extraordinary wine productions (such as Puro Rofe - which is also available through this website).

It follows its entire journey through the Instagram profile of the master @carmelopenasantana to learn for the first time how both wines are produced without intervention in the winery, with traditional winemaking without clarification or filtering.

These exclusive wines, which, by the way, go well with ham, are made with a low alcohol content.

3. A wine made entirely by hand

As you hear it -or you're more like a reader. The Matías i Torres winery makes everything it produces by hand. Located on La Palma, and swept away by the wind, the vineyards of this winery are not built but swept away by the wind. This allows the wines to maintain the genetic diversity of its vines while preserving both its history and its legacy. Naturalness and purity.

Here the wine production is efficient in terms of energy consumption and continues organic principles. All the work is manual. Obviously, both the bottling as labelling is also done by hand.

This small winery produces distinctive wines that undoubtedly express the unique character of the island of La Palma.

4. The one who hits it all

As complex as delicious, Vidonia is based on the particular and unique character of the native grape, Listán Blanco.

Mineral, fresh and incredibly complex, it is a truly unique wine and very versatile when it comes to pairing.

Jonatan Garcia producer of this wine from Suertes del Marques is internationally recognized as the best producer of Tenerife.

5. A wine for a sweet ending

The Malvasia is the Canarian wine that seduced William Shakespeare -a historical fact more than documented. It's one of the best sweet wines in the world.

The White Vermilion Malvasia is a clear example of how finesse and balance are blended with an explosive taste and great aromatic complexity.

Once again, Los Bermejos winery sweetens life with this wine whose offer is completed with varieties such as dry, semi-sweet or sweet Malvasia.

These 5 exceptional wines from the Canary Islands will not disappoint you, for sure.

"The salty northwest winds impact the flavor of this wine."

Ignacio Valdero, director and winemaker of Los Bermejos

Source of photos: bodegas.


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