Enjoy surfing in Fuerteventura

Surfing in Fuerteventura and its miles of paradisiacal beaches of white or golden sand and turquoise waters. This would be the perfect description for anyone who likes to feel the sun, the sea breeze and the sea. You don't have to go far for this idyllic image to be real at any time of the year. Fuerteventura is the perfect place to enjoy all the goodness of nature and in this article we will talk about the best surfing beaches in Fuerteventura.

surfing in Fuerteventura

Sportsmen of the different disciplines of wind and waves from all over the world appreciate the excellence of this place located in the Canary archipelago for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Its extraordinary climate as well as the long sunny days and the perfect wind and wave conditions complete the experience. Almost 150 kilometers of paradisiacal beaches and only one problem: deciding which one to visit.

Surfing in Fuerteventura: the island of water sports

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are the kings of water sports on this island, but also surfing. Amateurs and professionals of the highest level find in Fuerteventura unbeatable conditions to ride the waves and challenge the wind any day of the year.

Fuerteventura is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe and every year attracts surfers of all levels and from all over the world. The island is also known as the "Hawaii of Europe" for its similar climate and several surfing hot spots. Next, we will talk about 4 surfing beaches in Fuerteventura that you should not miss if you are visiting the island.

El Cotillo beach in the north of the island

Located in the north of the island of Fuerteventura,El Cotillo beach is a place where beginners and intermediate or advanced surfers can surf depending on the conditions. In the summer months, when the swell is not so strong, it is the perfect beach for beginner surfers. In the winter, the beach is in the perfect spot for intermediate and higher level surfers. The sandy ground is practically washed out, producing very powerful waves and new currents.

To get to this beach you must go to the fishing port of the town of El Cotillo, and before reaching the village turn off the gravel road. Once you are there, at the foot of the hill will be your next surfing adventure.

El Hierro and the most famous wave of the island

In this cove is where you will find the most famous waves of the island. El Hierro is located just after the fishing village Majanicho in the northern part of the island. This beach is perfect for more advanced surfers and if you are a beginner, but don't plan on surfing at La Burbuja, it's definitely worth going to see the pros in action.

surfing in Fuerteventura

The wave of the El Hierro spot has two distinct peaks that break over a volcanic bed of several meters deep. The main one is a very fast left wave, hollow and with a medium ride, ideal for strong maneuvers. Its right is shorter but also forms quality tubes.

The famous waves of Los Lobos and surfing in Fuerteventura

The waves at this break are known to be the highest right handers in Europe. You will have to walk for about 20 minutes to reach the famous waves of Los Lobos after arriving at the port. This surf spot provides easy boarding waves that are perfect for advanced surfers, however, further down, the breaks are gentler.

surfing in Fuerteventura

The island of Los Lobos has a lot to offer.We recommend that you set aside some time to explore this island of volcanoes and enjoy the scenery and tranquility. Apart from offering a spectacular setting for surfing, Los Lobos is also interesting for its small village, lighthouse and beaches. Los Lobos is just a short ferry ride away and you can catch the ferry from Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

The Canary Islands is a land with a thousand things to see, explore and learn about. If you are interested in learning more interesting facts about the Canary Islands, here is a link to the Explora Canarias section of Marca Canaria.

Paula Vera

Photos: holaislascanarias.com, surfandunwind.com, todosurf.com


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