Three Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Canary archipelago is the perfect place to discover and enjoy its own gastronomy, but also other cuisines, even making a fusion combining the most interesting of each one. Amongst all the different types of cuisine on offer, there is also Japanese cuisine, and for this reason we bring you here a selection of three Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife..

Three Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in Marca Canaria

Japanese gastronomy is characterized by a great variety of ingredients that are carefully combined to end up unleashing delicious flavors. One of the aspects that makes this cuisine stand out is the harmony that is tried to transmit when choosing the ingredients and the presentation of each dish. 

Japanese in Santa Cruz

Among the best Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we find three of them where you can taste, enjoy and get to know every peculiarity of Japanese cuisine. All of this, without forgetting what a diner demands when looking for a good restaurant, such as excellent service, having a pleasant time, finding a special place, living new experiences and, above all, enjoying good food. 

Tagami Restaurant

Tagami, creativity, product and the most refined technique

In an old colonial house in Santa Cruz, recently restored, with high ceilings and three floors with a lift, the chef Tadashi Tagami and the sommelier Iago Modino have created Tagami in 2020, one of the Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with Japanese cuisine with the best local produce on the market, in which the chef prepares Nikkei and Oriental fusion dishes, with all the talent, creativity and technique that have given him his well-deserved international fame. Tagami has been linked to the projects at Kazan, where he was when the establishment was awarded Michelin stars, and Abikore.

A Tagami dish, in Marca Canaria

Dishes such as tuna tartar, marrow and fried egg, snapper ceviche with squid and canchita, hake cocochas in tempura, eel and scallop nigiris, grilled scallops or monkfish casserole are already well known on the island. Not to be left out are the desserts, such as the cheesecake or the apple tarte tatin. In addition, the wine list will satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs. And all in a cosy space that has managed to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy the best and most surprising combinations. Tagami is located at Calle Nicolás Estébanez, 6.

Jaxana: different experiences to sample the best dishes

This original and creative restaurant, located in the centre of the city of Santa Cruz, is a young proposal that combines Asian cuisine, making an interesting journey through its gastronomy, with typical Spanish products of great quality. But, above all, it is a different option to enjoy a great menu proposal through new experiences. 

Jaxana has a menu with outstanding dishes such as scallop kinilaw, king prawn amok or old cow tataki, as well as the best wines, sake and surprising cocktails. However, it is also a place that offers its customers different services such as creative cuisine masterclasses, premium beer tastings or afterworks with the best distilled spirits menus, to make the meal an even more unique experience. 

Linked to the experience that the diner who tastes the menu wishes to have, Jaxana offers different ways to do so, such as eating at the bar, a la carte, through a tasting menu or tapas.

Among the Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Jaxana is a very interesting option to taste Japanese cuisine, in a cosy and oriental atmosphere, with a careful and elegant decoration. It offers the client a wonderful experience, with a good treatment, delicious food full of details. ... Jaxana is in Paseo Milicias de Garachico, nº 5.

Aiko Sushi in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Aiko Sushi: tasting of the best sushi 

Another Japanese restaurant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife that you must visit is Aiko Sushi. With a very extensive and varied menu, this cosy restaurant stands out for the tasting of a thousand types of sushi. It is a place where the presentation of the dishes is especially well cared for, making them eye-catching and capturing the diners' attention. 

Similarly, every single ingredient used in the preparation of each dish is also very carefully considered. In its menu, characterized by the best possible combination of flavors and smells, we can find dishes such as bluefin tuna tartar, sama croquettes, salmon in tempura, horse mackerel tiradito, crispy skin temaki or quail egg nigiris with truffle. 

Aiko Sushilocated at 17, Capitán Gómez Landero Street, is a great place to enjoy Japanese cuisine, discover its harmony and delight in the decoration of its dishes as well as its flavour.

These three options of Japanese restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife allow you to get to know, taste and enjoy a different gastronomy. For this reason, they are interesting options both for tourists willing to discover and delve into new experiences, as well as for the people of Santa Cruz itself, as it is a way of discovering new combinations of dishes fused with the best of oriental cuisine with the best of Spanish gastronomy. 

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