Three restaurants where to eat in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island with a great cultural and gastronomic tradition, just like the rest of the archipelago. Each island has different important restaurants, awarded by prestigious guides such as Michelin or Repsol, but also more humble places where you can enjoy a good evening. If you want to know some of the best restaurants where to eat in Gran Canaria, this is the article for you.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Where to eat in Gran Canaria: 3 starred restaurants

If you are wondering where to eat in Gran Canaria, whether you live on the island, come to visit on holiday or even for work, these three places should not be missing on your route map and are an example of the gastronomic potential that the island has to offer.

Cuernocabra x Gofio

If you're in the capital of Gran Canaria and you fancy a casual, modern meal to get your hands dirty, Cuernocabra is the restaurant for you. Located in the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés on the pedestrian Avenida José Mesa y López in Las Palmas, Cuernocabra x Gofio is the most modern culinary proposal of the Tenerife chef Safe Cruz. underground and modern culinary proposal of the Tenerife chef Safe Cruz.

Cuernocabra Restaurant

The restaurant aims to represent the chef's creative and signature Canarian haute cuisine, using the best local produce. In addition, Safe Cruz takes the flavours of the land to the extreme, maintaining the same philosophy as in his restaurant Gofio in Madrid, currently recognised with a Michelin star and two Repsol suns, but more informal, an alternative proposal for all audiences.

Chicken croquettes with everything in Cuernocabra

The restaurant has an à la carte menu where you can order individual dishes and also a menu with a selection made by the chef, which must be purchased in advance through the restaurant's website. We invite you to visit it and book through Marca Canaria or the website of Cuernocabra.

Average ticket: 30€ - 35€.

Poems by Padrón Brothers

The Padrón brothers are one of the key names in contemporary Canarian cuisine and their restaurant, Poems by Padrón Brothersis the first restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to have a Michelin star, but, in addition to this, it also has a Repsol sun.

Poems by Hermanos Padrón in Gran Canaria

The restaurant is located inside the emblematic Santa Catalina hotel in the heart of the island's capital. At the helm of the kitchen is the young chef Icíar Pérez, a native of the island of El Hierro, who under the tutelage of the Padrón brothers, Juan Carlos and Jonathan, reproduces the proposal that the chefs carry out in El Rincón de Juan Carlos, their restaurant in Tenerife, exalting the flavours, delicacy and creativity.

Restaurant Poemas by Hermanos Padrón in Las Palmas

Poemas has a menu and a tasting menu that share dishes that offer an interesting journey through different countries and continents, while maintaining their Canarian roots. We recommend you visit this restaurant and make a reservation through their website.

Average ticket: 90€ - 150€.

The Aquarela

The restaurant The Aquarella is located in front of the sea, next to the beach of Patalavaca, in the south of Gran Canaria, one of the most touristic areas of the island. Nikola Ivicic is in charge of the dining room and chef Germán Ortega is in charge of the kitchen, an unbeatable couple that offers a changing tasting menu full of sensations in a privileged atmosphere.

Restaurant La Aquarela in Gran Canaria

With one Michelin star and two Repsol suns, La Aquarela is another benchmark of Canarian haute cuisine, where red meat, local fish and top quality seafood are the protagonists in a place with more than 30 years of life. A perfect place to enjoy a quiet evening. You can make your reservation through the restaurant's website.

Average ticket: 90€ - 100€.

At Marca Canaria we have a wide selection of restaurants. Through this link you will find many other places to eat in Gran Canaria and enjoy a good lunch or dinner, but also in the rest of the archipelago.

Paula Vera

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