Suites 1478, the art of living Las Palmas

Today we are received by the director of Suites 1478, Aida Saavedra, who does not stop giving smiles to everyone. Natural, active, with energy, she is always seen chatting with the guests or lending a hand in the room. She entered the business almost without intending to, and although some say that chance does not exist, Las Palmas has this unique project to thank for returning the essence to the Vegueta neighborhood. Suites 1478 has become a must-see destination on the island. We have come to see its most emblematic project.

Since she was a child, Aida Saavedra, creator of the 1478 Suites concept, was instilled with a taste for good food. She quickly profiled her palate and this can be seen in the hotel's gastronomic space, where we find Carlos Mazorra, the restaurant's chef who literally has a lot of art. 

Aida Saavedra, Director of Suites 1478

When Aida thought about the concept of the hotel she knew she wanted something different. Located in Vegueta, she wanted to recover this historic district by doing her bit to offer works of art in the hotel and at the table.

"We want to reclaim a historic neighborhood and we're fighting for it."

How has the concept of Suites 1478 evolved into what it is?

Initially, Suites 1478 was to consist of vacation apartments, but we knew that the location deserved more. We opted for quality. That's why we also decided on art, linked to the culture and history of the neighborhood and the island. It is our passion and a personal hobby that we want to transmit and share.

What is the difference between this hotel and the rest of the hotel offer on the island?

First of all, we're running away from the topic of sun and beach. Las Palmas in particular has a vast cultural offer and this is what we want to focus on. It's almost like our obsession.

Where does the name of the hotel come from?

The name of the hotel is actually a curious fact, which even many Canarians on the island do not know. 1478 is the date when the city of Las Palmas was founded. We chose this name because, as we are based on the culture of the island, we wanted the name to refer to an essential episode in its history.

The building belongs to the Canary Islands' architect Miguel Martín Fernández de la Torre, which is why the façade is protected. And we have wanted to preserve and reform every stone of its interior to preserve its history. In addition, we have an authentic Canarian patio, which is a delight for those who discover it.

Why choose Suites 1478? 

Exclusivity. The fact that we have a reduced space allows us to escape from the crowds, providing a point of discretion that is ultimately what the client is looking for. Apart from the uniqueness of the site, one of the things that define us is the location and execution of the project, but we differentiate ourselves by trying to provide a personalized service. We want the client to feel at home without crossing the thin line between trust and respect. Happiness is made of moments, that's why, with every detail, with every gesture we make, we try to make the client happy.

Where do the guests staying at the hotel come from?

The guests of Suites 1478 are mainly Germans, Norwegians, Swiss and Americans. In addition, thanks to the quality and service we offer, we have managed to gain quite a few customers over the last year, some of whom have repeated up to four times!

How important is gastronomy within the hotel project?

The hotel's cuisine has evolved to become a reference and an attraction in the neighbourhood. It is so popular that some guests, without planning to eat with us, end up doing so every day. Suites 1478 is gradually becoming another stop on the island's gastronomic route, not only for guests but also for the general public.

Carlos Mazorra, head chef of Suites 1478

His bold approach to cooking, with its mix of flavors, made worldly kitchens seem small. He knew he had different ideas and wanted to defend them. That is why he outlined his technique, among other places, at the Basque Culinary Center with a master's degree in product technique and today he executes his passion for gastronomy with art.

 "I don't do it any better or any worse than anyone else. I'm doing it the best way I know how."

What's the secret to your cooking?

After passing through other restaurants, I am currently in charge of the kitchen of Suites 1478, and I still maintain the same passion as on the first day: I spend hours evolving and, above all, living the kitchen. Together with my team, I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get down to work to offer a different cuisine.

How do you think the taste of the diner has evolved?

The opposite of what you think. The diner now seeks the product, the raw material, he doesn't want twisted techniques. You don't have to put a technique before a product: that's what my cooking is based on. And I like to combine flavor with color, everything comes through the eyes. I also attach a lot of importance to the packaging.

What products can't be missing from your kitchen?

Raw and spicy products, especially spicy (laughs ) . There is a reason for this: with age, the taste buds lose their power, and spicy food stimulates them again. I always seek to awaken and stimulate sensations with my cooking.

How would you describe your cooking?

International, although always with canary dyes (of course my grandmother's gofio garrapiñado can't be missing from the menu). We offer a variety of dishes that above all enhance the raw material.

Soon, what new features will you incorporate?

We will soon expand the range to offer wines from small Canarian producers.

Source photos: https: Suites 1478


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