Do you know what the gomerón is?

The Canary Islands have a very varied gastronomic culture directly linked to its natural resources. On the island of La Gomera many typical products are still made in the same way as they were made in the past, as is the case of gomerón. This liqueur is not very popular outside the island itself, but it is a sign of identity of the gastronomic culture of La Gomera, along with other recipes such as gofio gomero, almogrote or palm honey.

Gomerón, Canarian liqueur

What is the gomeron

The gomerón is a liqueur that is made on the island of La Gomera using the guarapo or palm honey that is extracted from the Canary Island palm tree. This typical liquor of the Canary Islands is a real gem that has been passed down from generation to generation and is consumed by the inhabitants of the island itself and offered to visitors by many of the local catering businesses.

The gomerón comes from the Gomeran gastronomic culture where palm honey was the basis of many of its culinary elaborations. Obtaining the guarapo from the sap of the Canary Island palm tree gave rise to many dishes and recipes, as is the case of this intense liqueur.

Gomerón, liqueur from La Gomera

What are the characteristics of this typical liquor from the Canary Islands?

The gomerón is a strong drink with a very sweet and intense flavor. Being a liqueur it has alcohol as one of its ingredients, so it should be consumed in moderation. The guarapo is the base of this Canarian liqueur and the ideal way to consume it is preparing it instantly to enjoy all its flavor.

How to prepare the gomerón

The gomerón is prepared using palm honey. This honey is extracted from the Canary Island palm tree by making a cut so that its sap sprouts. This "guarapo" is boiled and then it is simmered for a few hours, filtering several times the foam generated in this process. In this way, a concentrated palm honey with a very intense and sweet taste is obtained (from 4 litres of guarapo, only half a litre of honey is obtained).

The guarapo mixes well with aguardiente at the time of being served, with the measure to the consumer's taste.

When to take the gomeron

The gomerón is a spirituous drink that is usually taken as an aperitif after meals. As it includes brandy and has a high sugar content due to the palm honey, it is quite a strong drink.

Its consumption should be done in moderation, since it is a liquor, and alcohol can be mixed in a personalized way according to the taste of each person.

Among the different liqueurs of the Canary Islands, the gomerón is known as a digestive drink, ideal to be consumed as an aperitif after meals. It is another jewel in the peculiar gastronomy of La Gomera, based on palm honey or guarapo.

Gomerón, liqueur from the Canary Islands

Outside the island of La Gomera, the gomerón is not very well known, so it is a pleasant surprise for tourists and visitors when they discover it for the first time.



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