Majorero Cheese: everything you need to know about this cheese with D. O. P.

Fuerteventura is an island where goats are one of the most abundant animals, as they are better adapted than other species to the volcanic climate, hot and with little vegetation. That is why goat-related products, such as milk and cheese, are one of Fuerteventura's gastronomic specialities.

The Fuerteventura's majorero cheese is a delicacy that should be tasted by all cheese lovers, as its characteristic flavour and aroma is unique.

A majorero cheese

D. P. D. Majorero Cheese

Since February 1996, the Majorero cheese has been protected under the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP); it was the first cheese from the Canary Islands to obtain it and the first cheese made from goat's milk in Spain to acquire this recognition.

The majorero cheese is a cheese made from goat's milk obtained from the Majorero breed, which has its origin in the northern part of Fuerteventura, known as Maxorata by the aborigines, known as Maxorata by the aborigines. These inhabitants of the Canary Islands, the Guanches, made cheese using goat's milk, as it was one of the basic products in their diet. It is known as majorero cheese because the inhabitants of Fuerteventura are called majoreros.

For its current production, Fuerteventura goat cheese follows the traditional methods using raw or pasteurized Fuerteventura goat's milk.

PDO Majorero Cheese

What are the characteristics of Majorero cheese?

Majorero cheese stands out for its mild flavour in its fresh version, and for its strong flavour with a spicy touch in its cured and semi-cured versions. The main characteristics that make these cheeses a real delight to the palate are:

  • High protein and fat content of Majorero goat's milk, as well as its density and aromatic quality.
  • The surface of the majorero cheese can be paprika, oil or canarian gofio.
  • The paste of this cheese is compact and semi-hard when cut.
  • The pinta mark, characteristic of Majorero cheese, must be present on the cheese bases .
  • On the sides of the cheese are present the mark of the palm leaf. of the palm leaf used to mould it.

Majorero cheese, sliced

Majorero Cheese Museum

In the Museum of Majorero Cheese, which is located in the northern municipality of Antigua, you can learn about the origin of this the origin of this goat cheese and its importance in the life of the importance in the rhythm of life on the island in the past.

In this museum you can access to information about the island of Fuerteventura and its volcanic origin.and to know all about the Majorero goat and how their milk has made the Majorero cheeses unique, and you can even go to the tasting room to taste the Majorero cheese accompanied by the best wines of the island.

Majorero cheese accompanying a meal

The Majorero goat cheese is one of the best goat cheeses that can be tasted, even one of the varieties was considered the best goat cheese in the world in the World Championship Cheese of 2018.

Made from Majorero goat's milk, it is a magnificent cheese that is commonly consumed throughout the Canary Islands and has great prestige and recognition throughout the world.

A majorero cheese from Fuerteventura



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