What to see in Arucas: a quick visit


In the centre of the north of Gran Canaria, the small municipality of Arucas stands out as the gateway to the island and one of its most beautiful villages. Located just 17 kilometres from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, its original Guanche name was Arehucas, although the town was built from scratch in 1483, in a more Castilian style and at the behest of the Catholic Monarchs. Here are a few tips on what to see in Arucas.

What to see in Arucas, in Marca Canaria

Church of San Juan Bautista (the cathedral of Arucas)

Undoubtedly one of the architectural jewels of the Canary Islands, the church of San Juan Bautista, in the Plaza de San Juan, began to be built in 1909 by the architect Manuel Vega y March, and was completed in 1979. It is neither a cathedral, although it is called that (the only cathedral on the island is the one in Las Palmas), nor a basilica, and its style is colonial neo-Gothic. Built with black stone from Arucas, the help of the whole neighbourhood was vital in its construction. It is a must-see in Arucas, and its floor plan, its towers and its stained glass windows by the French Maumèjean house and Brothers and Towers and the 16th century crucified Christ on its main altar stand out.

Old quarter of Arucas

Old town

The old quarter of the town of Arucas, classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest, is well worth a visit, as its houses are an example of Canarian colonial architecture. We have already mentioned its imposing church, and we will also mention its theatre, with the curious name of the Nuevo Teatro Viejo (New Old Theatre) from the beginning of the 20th century. In the Plaza de la Constitución you will find the town's municipal market, the town hall and the Casa de Gourié (now the town museum). This is the house where the family who created Arehucas rum, famous throughout the islands, lived.

Garden of the Marquise of Arucas, in Marca Canaria

House and garden of the Marquise of Arucas

A botanical garden created around 1880, to the north of the city, the work of the Marquis of Arucas, who was fond of collecting plant species, many endemic, which subsequent generations have continued to expand. It is a beautiful romantic garden with water features and a path to walk through, one of the most beautiful things to see in Arucas.

Where to sleep and eat in Arucas

Here are two perfect places to sleep and eat in Arucas:

Sleeping in Arucas, in Marca Canaria

Hotel Arucas

Anemblematic hotel, with a special charm, in a privileged location. Located in an early 20th century farmhouse, its opening is the result of a brave gamble by two neighbours of Arucas, Marcelo Afonso Gil and Miguel Ángel Henríquez Pérez. Both invested more than five years in completing the restoration of the building, and although it has only five rooms (two doubles and three junior suites), it is the perfect place for rest and relaxation in the town.

Hotel emblematic Arucas

An unbeatable view

The Hotel Arucas is, if you have the possibility, the place to stay in the town of Arucas, without a doubt. With incredible views of the church of San Juan or cathedral of Arucas, the old town of Arucas and the mountain, which is nothing more or less than an old crater from where on clear days you can see the Teide. The roof terrace is an ideal place to visit in Arucas, a place to have a glass of wine or a nice cocktail at a good price, as it has a good bar with a beautiful decoration in wood and stone, and it is tastefully illuminated.

Eating out in Arucas, Casa Brito

Casa Britothe grilled meat...

If you like meat or fish, this is the place to eat in Arucas. Decorated with rustic touches, it has two atmospheres on the premises. Casa Brito It stands out above all for having dishes based on the quality of the raw material and a great control of the grill, with impeccable service and attention. In the main dining room, the magnificent wood-fired grill for grilling spectacular red meats to perfection, such as beef, Galician blonde cow, local black pork or lamb...

Casa Brito, in Marca Canaria

... as well as fish and vegetables.

As we said, meat coexists with fresh local fish, especially cod, which is offered with different sauces. Of course, we can also opt for vegetables, especially represented in dishes such as the salad of lettuce hearts with vinaigrette and other dishes such as eggs with gofio, a selection of Canarian cheeses, prawn and spinach croquettes or the incredible gazpacho de manga. And let's not forget to pair these delicious dishes: Casa Brito has a carefully selected wine cellar. Three final pieces of advice: let the head waiter advise you, don't forget the desserts and book in advance!

Photos: turismoarucas.comCasa Brito and Hotel Arucas.


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