What are guachinches and which ones to visit

When talking about leisure and gastronomy in the Canary Islands, one of their peculiarities are the guachinches of the island of Tenerife. This type of gastronomic establishment is usually frequented by the inhabitants of Tenerife and the other Canary Islands, and in recent years they have become a culinary attraction for visitors and tourists.

Next we will explain what a guachinche is and name some of the most famous ones.

What are guachinches

A guachinche is an establishment typical of the island of Tenerife where traditional Canarian food and local wine are served. The majority of guachinches on Tenerife are found in the northern part of the island and emerged in the 17th century, when the owners of the vineyards in this area offered wine samples to English traders (accompanied by freshly made food) in an attempt to get them exported to England. It is said that the English merchants told the winegrowers "I'm watching you", referring to the fact that they were watching them so that the wine tasted would match the wine they bought (hence the term "guachinche").

The guachinches are not ordinary restaurants, but small establishments, without great decoration, which usually belong to houses or sheds near wine production areas, and where good wine is offered, accompanied by typical Canarian food prepared in a homemade way.

Another outstanding characteristic of the guachinches is that they are places where eating in abundance is very cheap, and where both locals and tourists pay a fair price for what they consume (there is no tourist exploitation). In addition, it is common for guachinches to carry guitars and other instruments, and sing typical Canarian songs.

What guachinches you should visit in Tenerife

The offer of guachinches in Tenerife is very wide and there is no town in the north of the island that does not have several guachinches open. It is common that when "goingfor guachinches" yougoto any of these establishments in search of that Canarian dish with a special touch, or in search of a certain wine harvest.

Let's name two of the most famous guachinches on the island:

An image of the guachinche El Cubano, in the valley of La Orotava

Guachinche El Cubano

The Windowpane The Cuban is located in Villa de la Orotava, a beautiful village presided by the Teide and located in the Orotava Valley (characterized by its good wine). It stands out for its meat, old clothes and its great animation, all at a very low price.

An image of the guachinche El Primero, in Santa Úrsula

Wingman The First

In Santa Úrsula you can find the guachinche The FirstThe wine is a blend of red and white wines from the area. It is a place very frequented by people from Tenerife, which gives you an idea of the authenticity of it. With an exquisite treatment and a traditional gastronomic offer, it is without a doubt a great choice to go to guachinches.

Saying "guachinche" is synonymous with good home cooking and good local wine. The island of Tenerife has a large number of these gastronomic establishments where you can enjoy typical Canarian food, prepared in a traditional way and with a homely and close air. This is, without a doubt, a different way of eating in Tenerife, closer to the real gastronomy of the Canary Islands.

Photos: facebook guachinches el cubano and the first one.


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