Why May 30 is celebrated as the Canary Islands Day?

Every May 30, the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands celebrates its day, the Day of the Canary Islands. Each of the eight islands that make up the Archipelago carry out different acts to honor and celebrate the Canary Islands. On this day, the people of the Canary Islands commemorate the anniversary of the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. This took place on May 30, 1983.

Canary pilgrimage

The Parliament of the Canary Islands is a body created in the 1982 Statute of Autonomy of the Canary Islands, under the protection of the 1978 Constitution. The first parliamentary session took place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Currently, the Parliament of the Canary Islands is the elected body that exercises legislative power, approves the budgets of the Canary Islands and promotes and controls the actions of the Government. It also represents the citizens of the Canary Islands and its seat is currently located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Why celebrate Canary Islands Day

The decision for this celebration arose from a non-law proposal presented by the deputy of the Mixed Group, Oswaldo Brito, where he requested the establishment of the celebration of the Day of the Canary Islands. In March 1983, the parliamentary debate was held. From this, the final initiative arose to make the date coincide with the constitution of the Parliament of the Canary Islands.

Parliament of the Canary Islands

The celebration of this event, which began in 1984, has gradually established itself in the Canary Islands society and, currently, the celebration of May 30th takes place in almost every corner of the Archipelago, with a variety of events promoted by Councils, City Councils and other public and private groups. In this celebration, which for the first time brings together the common identity of the fragmented territories of the eight islands, the value of "the Canary Islands" is highlighted and celebrated in all its aspects, with cultural and traditional aspects predominating.

Traditional Canarian clothing

The Autonomous Government also organizes an institutional act for the Day of the Canary Islands, presided over by the flag and the anthem of the Archipelago. In this act, the President of the Community awards the Canary Islands Prize and the Gold Medal of the Canary Islands to certain outstanding individuals or groups.

How to celebrate Canary Islands Day

Every year, this cultural festival pays homage to the intense, special and colorful Canarian identity. During the month of May, on the occasion of the Day of the Canary Islands, artistic and social activities are held with folk music and traditional dances. There are also exhibitions of Canarian sports such as Canarian wrestling, garrote, Latin sailing or Canarian ball. In addition, samples and markets of crafts and art of the Archipelago. Of course, these are dates in which the Canary Islanders pay homage to the Canary Islands by wearing the typical costume of the islands and enjoy the company of good Canary Island food, the verbenas, the dances of magicians and the pilgrimages.

Flags for the Day of the Canary Islands

Each municipality organizes its own program to celebrate this day, from folklore performances and parrandas, to dances and markets of typical products and handicrafts, as mentioned above.

In addition, it is common in schools for the little ones to wear the traditional magician's costume on this day. It is also common for them to bring food and typical food to share, from bananas, to kneaded gofio, Canarian cakes, etc. Little by little, the Canary Islanders have assumed this festivity as something of their own, recent, but at the same time coherent with the geographical, political and administrative reality of the islands.

If you want to know more about the traditions of the Canary Islands, here is the link to the section of Marca Canaria about traditions and culture.

Paula Vera

Photos: holaislascanarias.com, parcan.es, eldiario.es


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