The best beaches of Fuerteventura, a marine paradise

Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and paradisiacal, dune fields, landscapes of gentle mountains that run between white, black or golden sand, so is a walk along the coast of Fuerteventura. This island, Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve, offers a wide range of possibilities to enjoy a vacation by the sea in all its aspects, from relaxation to leisure. Below, we recommend four of the best beaches of Fuerteventura.

An island of beaches

Fuerteventura has a host of attributes and recognition by visitors. So much so that recently, two beaches in the south of the island have been recognized among the best in Spain by the travel community TripAdvisor, in its annual ranking TravelersChoice. 

Road in Fuerteventura

But not only the southern beaches of Fuerteventura have a special charm, because the whole island has enclaves where it seems that time stands still, ideal for planting the towel, grab a good book and simply take a deep breath and enjoy. Below, we recommend four of the best beaches in Fuerteventura that you must visit if you are on the island.

The four best beaches of Fuerteventura

Cofete Beach

Located in the south of the island, specifically in the north of the peninsula of Jandía, it is one of its most attractive and wild beaches. It is surrounded by mountains, which makes it difficult to access, and has magnificent golden sands. Its great extension, more than 12 kilometers long, the proximity of the mountain, the highest of the island, and its strong waves, give it a spectacular image.

Cofete Beach

Sotavento Beach

Actually made up of five beaches, La Barca, Risco del Paso, Mirador, Malnombre and Los Canarios, which can be visited without interruption at low tide, the coast of Sotavento is a vast space of white sand where the view is lost, bathed by an ocean of turquoise waters. Of course, the beauty of the shallow lagoon that forms when surrounded by a sand bar stands out, ideal for beginners in windsurfing.

Sotavento Beach

El Matorral Beach

The Playa del Matorral, also popularly known as Playa de La Solana or Saladar de Jandia, is located on the coast of the Jandia peninsula and in one of the most tourist areas of Fuerteventura, the town of Morro Jable, Pajara municipality. 

El Matorral Beach

Playa del Matorral is four kilometers long and is delimited by a huge avenue with stores, leisure centers and restaurants, and the Saladar de Jandía, a Site of Scientific Interest where a type of vegetation that is very rare in the Canary Islands, resistant to salt water, is preserved.

Large Beaches of Corralejo

Very close to the tourist center of Corralejo, in the northeast of the island of Fuerteventura, are the internationally known as Great Beaches of Corralejo, consisting of nine kilometers of paradisiacal beaches bordered by the Corralejo Dunes, the largest in the Canary Islands. A place where turquoise waters caress a coast covered by jable sand, a type of white sand formed from the erosion of seashells. With great exfoliating properties for the skin, jable turns these beaches into a real spa of nature overlooking the islands of Lobos and Lanzarote. 

Corralejo Dunes

If you are interested in visiting the island of Fuerteventura and know its magnificent beaches, as well as its gastronomic and leisure offer we leave below an article that may interest you: What to see in Fuerteventura, discover a unique island.

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