Festivities in La Gomera: the most popular ones

The chácaras and drums accompany all celebrations and festivities in La Gomera, an island with a unique natural environment, where singing and dancing never stop. This small, almost round island, but with high mountains and deep gorges, gathers in its 397 square kilometers forests of the Tertiary Era, solitary coves and paradisiacal beaches.

In La Gomera, traditions such as the whistled language, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, have remained almost intact and are discussed in more detail in this article. This form of communication, unique in the world, demonstrates the authenticity of the island and its traditions, as well as the ability of its population to overcome the difficulties of its orography.

La Gomera, an island to celebrate

In all its municipalities you can hear the sounds of the chácaras and drums, music that lifts the spirit to accompany singing groups that move in the popular festivities from one region to another. These are some of the most important dates in the Canary calendar corresponding to the best festivals in La Gomera that you cannot miss.

In San Sebastián de La Gomera, capital of the island

Lustral festivities in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. They are celebrated every five years in the month of October in honor of the one who receives the affectionate nickname of "la Morenita de Puntallana". The pilgrimage held in her honor is a great tradition among the fishermen of the area.

Fiestas Colombinas. They are celebrated in September with a multitude of activities such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences, theater and sporting events. This festival commemorates the departure of Christopher Columbus from La Gomera to the New World, as the island was the last port where he stocked up before embarking on his journey.

Carnival of San Sebastian de La Gomera. It is celebrated in February and has its own parade of costumes and musical performances, as well as elections of Carnival queens, proclamations and floats. There are several days of intense festivities.

Holidays in La Gomera: Alajeró

Fiestas del Paso. They are held in September and are one of the best opportunities to enjoy the sound of the chácaras, drums and romances of La Gomera. 

Festivities of Santiago Apostle. They are celebrated in the month of July in Playa de Santiago with tournaments, festivals, children's festivals and religious events in which the chácaras and drums accompany the procession giving the moment a great emotion.

In Valle Gran Rey

The Ramo de Arure. Coinciding with the celebration of San Salvador, this offering takes place in August and consists of a frame made with a sweet cane stalk decorated with flowers, fruits and sweets. The moment is linked to the religious ritual, accompanied by chácaras and drums, singing of romance and dance.

In Agulo

Bonfires of San Marcos. In April, on the eve of San Marcos, one of the most magical nights of La Gomera is lived when the bonfires are jumped. It is a festive, religious and pagan gathering that every year confirms an ancient tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Festival of Las Rosas. They are held in August in the neighborhood of the town with the same name and are an important meeting point for neighbors from all over the island who come to the dance and the traditional market. There you can find valuable pieces of pottery from La Gomera and products made with palm honey.

In Vallehermoso

Festivities of the Candelaria. They are celebrated in August in the area of Chipude. The tradition consists of singing romances to the Virgin, so it is a meeting place for the most important players of chácaras and drums of the island. 

In Hermigua

Festivities of El Cedro. They are celebrated in August in the hermitage of Lourdes, located on the way of one of the paths of the laurel forest of El Cedro, in the National Park of Garajonay. It is impressive to see the Virgin of Lourdes in procession through the forest to the hamlet with the accompaniment of drums, chácaras and dances. 

If you are interested in everything that has to do with Canarian culture and festivities. here is the link to the section of Marca Canaria about culture and traditions.

Paula Vera

Photos: sitiosdeespaña.es, lagomera.travel


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