Is there a difference between the banana of the Canary Islands and the bananas?

There is no doubt that the banana from the Canary Islands and the bananas are similar, although there are many differences between these two popular fruits.

Banana from the Canary Islands is a brand managed by ASPROCAN (Association of Banana Producers of the Canary Islands), under which bananas grown in the archipelago are marketed.

Bananas from the Canary Islands make up almost all the production of this type of fruit in Spain, which in turn constitutes 60% of all European production.

Now let's see how banana and banana differ.

Bananas from the Canary Islands

Difference between the banana and the banana of the Canary Islands

The main difference between banana and plantain is that the former has a sweeter taste and unmistakable speckles.

The higher moisture content of the Canary Island banana makes it juicier than the banana, which is much drier and has a more floury texture due to its composition of saracose, soluble sugars and carbohydrates.

On the other hand, bananas from the Canary Islands are grown by small producers in a traditional way, unlike bananas, whose cultivation is usually in the hands of large multinationals. The brand Banana from the Canary Islands brings together more than 8000 producers who grow the fruit on land that covers nearly 10 000 hectares. Production takes place on six of the islands in the archipelago.

Ripe Canarian banana bunches

The mild subtropical climate of the Canary Islands also influences the difference between banana and plantain; while the Canarian banana reaches full maturity after 6 months, bananas do so after 3 months. This gives the banana a higher degree of aroma, taste and ripeness.

In addition, banana production in the Canary Islands is governed by the European Union's health safety, environmental and phytosanitary control standards, which are much more demanding than those in banana producing countries such as Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador.

Can you see the differences with the naked eye? With little you notice, the differences between bananas and plantains are obvious. Bananas are straighter while bananas from the Canary Islands are curved. Furthermore, bananas have a higher weight and length.

Recipes with Canarian banana

How the canary banana is usually taken 

The organoleptic and nutritional properties of the banana from the Canary Islands are extraordinary, but its success is due especially to the fact that it is very tasty, however you take it.

You can eat it alone, as breakfast, dessert, snack or dinner, or included in a lot of recipes. Let's see some of the ways you can enjoy this emblematic Canarian fruit:

  • -Banana and corn cake: a cake (or queque, as they say in the Canary Islands) with a surprising, elegant and smooth taste. A real delight whose preparation is very simple and is ideal for breakfast or tea.
  • -Banana and maple syrup cake: a very simple puff pastry that also includes almonds, and if you sprinkle it with a jet of honey it will take you into a dessert paradise.
  • -Banana with lime syrup: a very simple and refreshing way of eating the banana of the Canary Islands.

Another recipe for Canarian banana

  • -Banana cream with coconut milk: coconut and banana are two fruits that complement each other perfectly. Serving this cream as a dessert will ensure success in any celebration.
  • -Oatmeal, almond milk and caramelized banana: although you can serve this marvel as a dessert, it is at breakfast where it has a better place as it is extraordinarily healthy and nutritious. You won't find a better way to start the day with your batteries full.
  • -Muffins banana: muffins resemble muffins but with less fat and sugar, so it is very common to add fruit to make them juicier. Banana muffins from the Canary Islands are delicious and very easy to make.
  • -Chocolate truffles, bananas from the Canary Islands and oats: chocolate and bananas are one of the most glorious marriages that can be found in the kitchen, a real feast.

Banana pancakes from the Canary Islands

  • -Canary Islands banana pancakes: one of the most popular banana dishes in the archipelago. It is recommended that you prepare this recipe with bananas that are well ripened. The preparation only takes half an hour, and you will have as a result a magnificent dessert that will excite both children and adults.

-Chocolate, peanut butter and banana sandwich: a delicious sandwich recommended for consumption once a year, which does not hurt. Eating it regularly can lead you to obesity, since it is a heat pump. This type of sandwich was Elvis Presley's favorite, and we already know how the King of Rock ended up.

Banana in a sauce

The banana of the Canary Islands is so emblematic that, when we are told about the archipelago, the first thing that comes to mind is the sun, the sea, the Teide or this tasty, healthy and colourful fruit that you can eat at any time of day, in any combination. And, don't doubt it, it's much better than bananas.

Photos: Association of Banana Producers of the Canary Islands


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