El Hierro: its impressive beaches and natural pools

El Hierro is perhaps the most unknown island of the Canaries, but whoever knows it falls in love instantly. Traveling along its lonely roads through surprising forests and volcanoes to end up on some of El Hierro's beaches or in one of its natural pools is a unique experience for those who enjoy different and often unspoiled landscapes.

We are going to take a tour of some of the best beaches and natural pools of El Hierro, places that you can't miss when you visit what many call "the island at the end of the world".

El Hierro and its natural pools

A natural pool is a watertight space in which seawater penetrates naturally, without any human intervention, except for facilities such as diving boards, walkways or stairs.

The natural pools of El Hierro are places full of magic where it is always a pleasure to take a refreshing dip.

Let's look at some of the better known ones.

Charco Azul, El Hierro

Charco Azul, El Hierro

Without a doubt the most famous natural pool on the island. It is located next to the Valle del Golfo, north of El Hierro. After descending a long staircase you will reach a cave illuminated by filtered sunlight and where you can hear the impressive sound of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to enjoy this wonderful natural pool of transparent waters without much company, the best thing is to visit it at lunchtime, when you might even have it all to yourself.

Charco de los Sargos

Charco de los Sargos

Not far from the previous one is the Charco de los Sargos, of similar beauty. It is a group of natural pools surrounded by wild landscapes and impressive cliffs.

As in any of the natural pools of El Hierro that you visit, it is advisable to go with a crab bag or closed sandals so that you can walk comfortably and without difficulty on the rocks.

The Pot, El Hierro

La Maceta natural pool

Group of natural swimming pools located in the municipality of Frontera, in the north of the island. They are perfect to enjoy a day at sea with the family and disconnect from the worldly noise.

Next to the pools you can sunbathe in a designated area. They have railings and stairs that allow perfect access.

In La Maceta you will also find a parking lot, drinking water and some picnic areas.

Charco Manso, El Hierro

Manso Pool

Without leaving the north of the island we found Charco Manso. In addition to refreshing you, the environment of this natural pool offers many places to discover, such as small pools, lava caves and natural basalt arches.

The same access by car is already a spectacle, through a zigzagging road that takes you to sea level.

Well of Las Calcosas

Natural pools Pozo de las Calcosas

El Pozo de las Calcosas, in the municipality of Valverde, is a place well known for its natural pools and worth a visit. It is a small bay that is closed by a cliff.

Among the many things to see in the place, the ancestral constructions of high roofs and a magnificent work of the artist Rubén Armich made with recycled materials, which represents Neptune, stand out.

Depending on the swell, swimming in the open sea is allowed, and the village itself has a couple of restaurants where you can start or finish the excursion.

Tamaduste, El Hierro

Tamaduste Natural Pool

Tamaduste is a small coastal town located on a sea inlet that has traditionally served as a port for fishing boats.

It is a place full of charm that shows its greatest beauty at high tide. The natural swimming pool is located in the same village, which has several restaurants.

La Caleta Natural Pool, El Hierro

La Caleta Swimming Pool, El Hierro

We end our tour with some artificial pools located in the town of Valverde , always have a great animation.

Although the swimming pools do not have any bar or chiringuito, there are many hotel and catering establishments in the surrounding area.

Not only will you be able to cool down in the pools, if the weather and the waves allow it, you will also be able to swim in the open sea, with several areas conditioned for them.

The best beaches of El Hierro

The beaches of El Hierro are not very numerous, but they are of great quality. Most are rocky, although the island has some volcanic sand and even white sand.

Lovers of sport diving can enjoy the seabed of El Hierro, considered one of the best in the world.

Let's see some of the best beaches on the island.

El Verodal Beach

El Verodal Beach

Virgin and quite unknown beach where the blue of the ocean merges with the reddish colour of the sand and rocks.

Located in the northwest of the island, it is a sandy area of singular beauty that is worth knowing and immortalizing in a photo.

Be careful if you go swimming in its waters, as it has strong currents and it can be dangerous to go into them.

White Beaches, El Hierro

White Sands Beach

Located in the Punta de la Dehesa, it is very quiet and not very crowded, perfect to go alone or in couple without anyone bothering you.

Unlike in El Verodal, bathing in its waters is not dangerous. As it is an almost virgin beach, it is recommended that you go there with your sandwich and drinks in your backpack, as it does not have many services.

Natural Monument of Las Playas, El Hierro

Las Playas Natural Monument

Set of volcanic beaches located in the southeast of the island.

There are 9 kilometers of black beaches that contrast with the crystalline waters of the ocean.

This part of El Hierro is practically undeveloped, so its surroundings are practically virgin.

Charco and Tacorón Beach

Tacorón pool and beach

We finish our tour of the natural pools and beaches of El Hierro in a place that is both.

Tacorón is a wonderful cove of reddish sand, completely virgin and isolated , where you can enjoy all the peace and quiet.

But more than the beach, Tacorón is better known for its natural pool, which is perfectly marked from the road and is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

The natural swimming pools and beaches of El Hierro are among the unmissable places to visit on the island, a natural paradise in which to enjoy its beautiful unspoilt landscapes, the friendliness of its people and its great cuisine.


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