Four restaurants in Lanzarote to visit

The island of Lanzarote is possibly one of the eight Canary Islands where the centuries-old traditional values and local products have been best preserved, but adding the advances and progress that have been made in recent years. Its gastronomy attracts attention and that is why in this article we recommend four restaurants in Lanzarote where you should go if you are on the island of volcanoes.

The gastronomy and products of the island

Lanzarote has been configured, in recent decades, as one of the most privileged destinations. A quality destination that offers diversity in its hotel and restaurant offer.

Its cuisine has developed rapidly in recent years, mainly thanks to the professionalism and specialization of the restaurants and their dining room teams, as well as their chefs. The latter have sought to enhance the value of local produce, giving this island product the importance it deserves.

Landscape of Lanzarote

The climate and geography of the island have determined the development of a little diversified but very important agriculture . The products of the land, together with those from the sea, have sustained, as a whole, the cuisine of the island. The island's gastronomy is a faithful reflection of the character of its inhabitants, based on making the most of what the environment has to offer. The quality of the products of the land and the sea are the essential raw material of the dishes.

Four restaurants in Lanzarote to suit all tastes

Below, we will recommend four restaurants in Lanzarote to suit all tastes.

SeBE, an intersection between traditional and contemporary Canarian cuisine

SeBE is asmall but cozy restaurant located in the coastal town of Teguise on the island of Lanzarote and recommended by the Repsol Guide. An interesting proposal where the main protagonist is the excellent raw material that its chef, Santi Benéitez, uses for his creations. His famous and well-deserved rice dishes are the idyllic culmination of a good meal.

SeBE has a wine cellar managed and organized by Begoña Ratón, sommelier and head waitress of the restaurant and Santi's life partner, with many local references. All these island and volcanic references, together with local ingredients, take center stage in each elaboration.

Be Papagayo, an idyllic setting in which to enjoy the best product.

Be Papagayo is a restaurant with a unique location in Papagayo Beach that allows you to enjoy every day of a pristine environment of extreme beauty. The views towards the island of Lobos and Fuerteventura, the fine golden sands and its almost transparent waters, sometimes emerald, make this beach and the location of this cozy beach bar, a unique place.

Thanks to the farmers and fishermen of Lanzarote, who bring to the restaurant the best products of the land, Be Papagayo consciously prepares the dishes of its cuisine, enhancing each of the flavors of the island of Lanzarote, highlighting the salty, wet, toasted, fruity, sour, sweet, marine and smoked.

Lilium, cuisine with canarian sense

The restaurant Lilium , located in the area of La Marina, in Arrecife, is the ideal place to discover the updated Canarian cuisine . Lilium has a glass façade, a simple dining room with no more than 10 tables and a pleasant terrace overlooking the pleasure boats in the marina.

From its stoves, under the command of chef Orlando Ortega, completely visible inside the restaurant, comes a proposal that takes up again the Canarian dishes to rethink them and update them. The menu, which praises local products, is completed with a tasting menu called Bib Gourmand as a nod to the distinction that they wear in the Michelin Guide . Similarly, it is also among the recommendations of the Repsol Guide.

Restaurant El Risco, Canarian soul

The restaurant El Risco, is located in the town of Famara, known for its fabulous white sandy beach with miles long and waters full of life and color. Within a Marine Reserve and at the same time Natural Park, the Risco de Famara and its coasts, are part of the fundamental values of Lanzarote. El Risco has a sun Repsol Guide, as well as the Bib Gourmand recognition of the Michelin Guide.

The restaurant has, at least, the triple attraction of its gastronomic offer, its decoration and its location. The cuisine has a Canary Island soul, it uses local products and tries to update the legacy it has received. Its walls are adorned with a mural by César Manrique, dated 1986, which evokes old fishing scenes. And from its large windows and terrace you can look out in wonder at the north of Lanzarote, La Graciosa and the islets of the Chinijo archipelago.

If you are interested in knowing more curiosities about the island of Lanzarote, here is a link to the Explora Canarias section of Marca canaria.

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